We’re Hunting Miracles

Y’all I witnessed a miracle. Actually, two. But I wouldn’t have seen them for what they were if I hadn’t been looking.

On a walk yesterday, I saw our neighbor walking her ancient, arthritic dog. We have chatted before, so it seemed natural to ask her how he is doing. The woman told me about the new laser treatments they are going to start with him while I petted and loved on him. He is such a sweet boy.

Then she thanked me for stopping and petting him. It is the highlight of his day when he is around people.

The first miracle is this woman. I see her walking painfully slow and stopping when her dog needs a rest. His feet have often been lovingly taped for walks. She is so patient and caring. Taking care of another being is hard, but she puts her whole self into it and is very attentive to him. It really is a beautiful sight and a picture of how we are to be. I just wish we saw that much devotion more often.

The other miracle is her thanking me. Yes, in my mind I was just being neighborly. She saw my gesture as more and told me. How many times have we felt we should tell someone how much their action meant to us? And yet, we often don’t follow through out of embarrassment. I know I will consider it, but then I think I will sound silly and I keep it to myself. People-kindness should always be shared! What might seem little to you could make someone’s day. It could be just what they needed to hear. What is a slightly awkward feeling (or am I the only one who walks away wondering why I said THAT?) when we can have the power to brighten another person’s life?

A factor God worked into this scenario was rain. I had planned on walking an hour earlier, but the rain from Sunday hadn’t tapered off yet. I waited as long as I could, and that gave us the chance to be outside at the same time. If I had been able to be out earlier, none of this would have happened.

Maybe these sound too mundane, but all three of us were blessed. How could they not have been from God? Before this, I probably would have walked away smiling and forgotten the experience in a few hours. But I had my eyes open. I was being sensitive to situations around me where God was working.

There are no coincidences. Everything is orchestrated by God, and He loves it when we notice! So I challenge you to open your eyes to the big and little miracles He places in front of you every day! I would love to hear about them!

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10 thoughts on “We’re Hunting Miracles

  1. There are miracles in the every day. It was very kind of you to stop and see them. I’m sure it meant a great deal to that woman and her dog

  2. the little miracles sprinkled throughout each day are the loveliest of blessings, aren’t they?

    and all they do is prepare me for the great big miracles I believe God can do.

    love this post, Sarah!

  3. I love that both of our Wednesday posts are about dogs! I do agree, we tend to miss the small miracles and discount the things we say as silly when they could light up someone’s day as you did with this woman and her loved pup.

  4. Sarah,
    I loved this post about miracles because they are OUR miracles! They may not mean much to anyone else, but that’s why they are so amazing. God shows himself to all of us so differently and how it would be most impactful to us. I have a few miracles of my own and when I try explaining them, they don’t sound so incredible but that’s why I ponder them in my heart – -they were meant for me alone sometimes! 🙂

  5. Such a sweet encounter and I LOVE the way you saw it as a direct and intimate blessing from the Lord. No circumstance is too mundane for God to be in it and work through it. And I think it brings Him great joy when we slow and consider His goodness all around us.

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