Angels All Around

Tomorrow will mark two years since my Camry was smashed. As terrible as the experience was, God was there with us. He kept us safe.

The girls and I were meeting James for dinner after their tennis lesson. Not far from the Wendy’s we were heading to (yes, we live high on the hog), a car stopped in front of us. Calm down, I didn’t read end him. He was trying to turn left at a busy time of day, so we sat a few minutes. I looked up in my rear view mirror as a car pulled up behind us and stopped. The girls and I were singing along to the radio, when our car was suddenly pushed forward. My nose slammed into the steering wheel as the girls screamed from the back seat.

This all happened in front of the fire department, and they heard it and came running. We were shaken and sore but declined ambulances. I had to stay calm for the girls, so I stayed in the car. Turns out a girl had been looking down (we think texting) and did not even slow down from 40 MPH before she hit the car behind us and caused a chain reaction.

As scary as this day was, I knew it could be much worse. There must have been angels surrounding us. Even two years later, I still get teary thinking about it (and freaked out when someone pulls up behind me.) The first amazing thing that happened is the man in the car in front of us heard the collision and had the state of mind to pull forward. I still hit him, but not nearly as hard as I would have. It helped us not have more risk of injury or trauma. This is so remarkable because I was closer but didn’t hear. I had no idea what was about to happen, but he did and prevented it from being worse.

The other way we were protected (besides our seat belts) was the fact that there was a car behind us. That car had two adults in the front, not two precious children in the back. I still shudder to think what would have happened to the girls if we had been hit directly, even harder. But we weren’t, and I thank God for that.

April 1, 2013 (yes, April Fools Day), God showed up in a huge way. My car may have been totaled and I may have had to make many trips to the chiropractor for a few months, but He certainly had His angels around us.

God loves us and loves to show off. Bad things are going to happen, but He is always looking out for us. We may not always see how God is working, but we should always assume He is there. He is ready for what is about to happen, because He already knows it is coming.

I learned a lot that day about trusting God and His goodness, and I pray you take that from this too.

And of course, don’t text and drive!

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10 thoughts on “Angels All Around

  1. How terrifying – even more when you consider the ‘what ifs’. Praise God you and your children were okay.

  2. Sarah, I love this! I’m so glad you guys were all right, first of all. And what a great story for your family history book! Now I’m thinking of similar experiences in my own family’s life and getting teary eyed all over again. Thanks for this reminder of God’s protection and faithfulness!

  3. Sarah, I love how you looked for God’s hand of protection and saw how He was right there with you that day and every day. Great reminder to remember His presence goes before us, surrounds us, and is always with us. Blessed to be joining you from Coffee For the Heart. : )

  4. Hi Sarah- So good to remember this- Have been hearing a lot about angels lately- at church sunday,and today at our co-op- and your wonderful post- Great to know that our loving father is watching over us so carefully. 🙂

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