God Is For Us

While reading Holley Gerth’s new book, You’re Loved No Matter What, I thought about who inspires me. There is someone in my life who has persevered no matter what has been thrown at her this year.


In January, my friend Mariellen’s son fell off his loft bed and sustained a severe head injury. Clark is a student at Georgia Tech and his fraternity had put these loft beds in their house, but no rails. In these past three months since this happened, I have seen Mariellen’s faith tested beyond what she thought she could bear.

When Clark fell, he fractured his skull and had a blood clot. He had to have emergency brain surgery and then spent a few weeks in the ICU. The road to recovery has been long and included multiple setbacks such as infections and pneumonia. Clark’s brain was trying to heal, but his body was not cooperating.

After a few weeks, Clark was moved to the Shepherd Center and will move home once he is medically stable. For now he is alert and will learn to walk and talk again soon.

From the beginning of the ordeal, Mariellen has had the strength I hope I would have if I were ever in a situation like this. She and her husband Ron and their daughter Kelsey have been Clark’s cheerleaders. They have been by his side encouraging him and praying for him and loving him.

Early on, Mariellen posted a picture of the Jesus Calling devotion for that day on Facebook. Since then, she has done that many days and shared with us how much it encourages her. (I think she should start getting a commission for advertising, but author Sarah Young may disagree.) The other day Mariellen talked about blessings. She was thinking about the goodness of God and how He blesses us each day. On the one month anniversary of the accident, she shared Joel 2:25. “God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is faith.” Mariellen has shared other verses, and even through the setbacks, she has remained upbeat.

Mariellen’s family has been under attack, but their spirit will not be brought down. They will not be defeated. They have inspired so many of us by their faith and absolute knowledge that God is for them. I know this is a parent’s worst nightmare, and it is hard to imagine going through it. But this family is showing the world that with God, anything is possible. He brings healing and peace and all He asks is that we invite Him into our lives. When we put God at the center, He works everything out for our good and His glory.

Mariellen, Ron, and Kelsey, keep fighting for Clark. Keep loving each other. And most of all, keep trusting in Jesus. He will see you through.

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6 thoughts on “God Is For Us

  1. praying for your friend and her family even as we speak, Sarah.

    grateful that God never leaves our side when we go through ordeals that shake our world to the core.

    she is blessed to have you in her life, friend …

  2. I have had a couple of friends spend time at the Shepherd Center too. Thankfully they both made full recoveries, praise God! I pray your friend Clark has an equally good result!

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