Things My Mom Would Love to Hear

Moms have the hardest job, and I never fully realized that until I became one. In the 12 years since my Mom went to heaven, I have gotten married and had 2 little girls, and there are still many moments each day I want to tell her about something. A decade has brought me less grief and more clarity. So after all these years, I would want her to know:

I am now the one in charge of cleaning the house. Scary thought for anyone who saw how messy I was as a child.

Both of my girls have cut their hair at age 6, and I told them about the times I let people cut my hair at their age and how much trouble I got in. Mom would have laughed so hard that I am now on the other side!

Was I as loud as my children are? If so, I am sorry.

My girls follow the same 2 cookie rule we had as kids. Even I still only have 2 cookies. The guilt never goes away…..

For all those questions I used to ask, like “Why is the sky blue, well, now I know how difficult that is to answer. I believe now that she actually WAS smart!

I wish I had let her teach me to cook and sew when she wanted, (or one of the two at least).

Even though it should have embarrassed me, I loved that my high school friends loved her!

I am passing on her love of the Bible to my girls. They are growing up knowing that Jesus loves them.

Hearing I am like her makes me tear up.

When I think of all the things she did for others, it makes me want to be like her even more.

I wish we could drink tea while getting to know each other as adults rather than mother and daughter.

Some days I just want to ask how she survived our younger years. I think she would have loved to tell me!

She is the benchmark I compare myself to as a mother and wife. I hope I can be a fraction of all she was to us.

One thing I think she would have loved is the birthday party we have for her each year. The girls and I pick out a “store boughten” cake and sing Happy Birthday. For me it is still bittersweet, but her grandchildren have a blast. She would love their smiling faces as they hear stories about their Mimi.

So many of the things she said now make sense to me, such as “Because I am the mother, that’s why!” Another good one is, “Don’t make me pull this car over!”

I know she would be proud of me, but I want her to know I am proud of her for raising three good kids. Two kids is so much work that I can’t imagine a third.

Mom would have gotten a kick out of the cute things my girls say and do. And she would have loved to hear their giggles.

Although 23 years does not seem like enough time, I could not imagine having anyone else as my mom. Thank you Mom!

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12 thoughts on “Things My Mom Would Love to Hear

  1. Sarah,
    What a beautiful heartfelt post! I love all the things you loved about your mother and how you are making sure her memory lives on in your girls with your stories and ways that you are like her. How hard it must have been to lose your mother at such a young age but your traditions you’re keeping and values you’re instilling in your family are priceless! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful legacy your Mom has left you, Sarah. Yes, she would be so proud to see the woman you’ve become and the delightful girls you are raising to love and serve Jesus.

    This is a love note beyond compare …


  3. I love how you are keeping the memory of your mom alive for your girls. How beautiful to have a cake and share stories of how much she meant to you. Her legacy of faith lives on through you, and now into the lives of your precious girls. She would be so proud of the wonderful mother you have become!
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Oh how she would be proud of the godly mom and woman you have grown up to be. Keeping her memory alive with your girls is so important. Keep having fun & smiling, knowing you honor your sweet mom in every day things you do. Never let go of Jesus, He is your compass that you are so blessed to have a mom who pointed you to early in life.

  5. Sarah,
    What a tender and touching tribute to your mom…I love how you’re keeping her memory alive for your two girls and what a gift to have such wonderful memories of your mom even as I imagine you must still miss her…((hugs)) if that’s okay.

  6. I try to keep it to 2 cookies myself still. ha. Some things never change no matter how old we get. 🙂 I wish my mom were still here too to talk about these things with. But one of these days we will all catch up!

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