Ready For the Attack

What if I was targeted for my faith? What if I was persecuted for being a Christian? These thoughts are running through my mind lately with all the evil in the world. The very idea that ISIS is slaughtering Christians turns my stomach.

Evil is taking over more and more and yet it is too easy to be complacent here in the US. We complain about the small things while people are being imprisoned or murdered.

I want to think I am safe. We are in a different country with a government to protect us. However, we know they can come here, if they haven’t already.

I want to think they wouldn’t care about me, a housewife. Well, anyone can find my blog and know I am a Christian. I have privacy settings on Facebook, but there are ways to see what I post. I am also at a large church on Sundays.

I used to be nervous about posting Christian quotes, song lyrics, or Bible verses. I didn’t want my friends to see me as the crazy Christian girl. Now I am glad I got over that. People can see who to turn to when they need prayer or have a question. But really, why was I so afraid? None of these people were going to burn down my house or attack me. The worst they were going to do is unfriend me. (Yes, that hurt my feelings, but I got over it.)

The day will come in America where we have to put up or shut up. Get in or get out. Stand up or run away. We need to stand firm now and put deep roots on our faith. We have to live out our beliefs now and determine to keep it up no matter what happens.

We need to pray for those who are being persecuted now, even as we prepare for our own fight. We need to pray for our reaction when these things are on our soil. And we need to especially pray for future generations. This may not happen today or tomorrow, but we need to be ready for the attack.

I think of Casting Crown’s song Courageous:

“The only way we’ll ever stand

Is on our knees with lifted hands

Make us courageous.”

God will give us courage and make us ready, but we have to ask Him for it. He alone will get us through these times ahead and usher us into eternity.

Will you be ready?

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6 thoughts on “Ready For the Attack

  1. This is a powerful challenge. I needed to read this as I launch into this day, Sarah. Thank you for the holy boldness you’ve proclaimed. May we all do the same …

    Warmest sabbath joys to you and your sweet family, friend …

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Thank you for your powerful post!
    I was actually just thinking about that myself this week – as I was preparing for a Bible Study and reading in Romans… It took me back to my visit to Italy and the deep impact I had in my heart when I stood looking at the cross placed in the Coliseum, it was meant to be a memorial for the thousands of Christians who were martyred there for their faith… the tour guide explained that back in the days of the Roman empire they would drag Christians out in front of huge crowds to torture and kill them publicly as entertainment for a “half time show” … I cried tears for the forefathers of our faith and all they endured to proclaim their faith in Christ.
    So blessed to share the journey with you. Keep shining for Him
    Love Danise

  3. Sarah,
    I’ve been thinking and praying on this issue …Have you heard of the group Voice of the Martyrs? Or American Pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been imprisoned in an Iranian prison for about 3 years? Thanks for sharing this important issue.

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