Remind Satan He Lost

Two days after my pastor talked about this, I realized I am in the middle of this situation. It was a powerful sermon Sunday, but my little brain didn’t connect it to me until this morning.

Pastor Mike told us about a tough time he was in a few years ago, where he pulled away. He didn’t want to be around people like normal or even do things he loves. None of us knew he was walking through this at the time, but Satan was attacking him.

Satan wants to distract, discourage, and destroy us. He knows our weaknesses and what areas he can do the most damage to our testimonies. He wants to keep us from making a difference.

Well, the last few weeks, I must have scared Satan! He has been at me, doing his best to discourage me. He knows how much I want people to like me and how I want their approval. People have criticized me in different ways and it has devastated me. People I am close to have unknowingly ripped my heart apart. I do my best to hide it around all but my husband and a close friend, but even they don’t know the tears I have cried or the torment I have been through.

Satan wanted to paralyze me and make me question my parenting and every little thing in my life. He wanted me to isolate myself and hide from any further attacks. I am sorry to say he succeeded. I chose to believe lies over what I know to be true. I analyzed everything little thing I have done and am doing, searching for truth to the harsh words.

This ends today, right now. My girls need me, my husband needs me, as do my family, friends and neighbors. I don’t have time to allow any of this to matter. I need to stay alert and stand firm against the devil, according to 1 Peter 5:8-9. The devil is prowling around, looking for someone to devour. I won’t let him get a foothold into my heart.

If this resonates with you right now, it is imperative that you remind yourself of promises God has made.

You are made in God’s image and He loves you with an everlasting love.

God has a plan for your life and wants to do great things through you.

God will supply all you need.

Nothing can separate you from God, and Satan knows it.

God is right there next to you, even when you try to push Him away.

There is nothing you can do that is so bad that God will stop loving you. Nothing.

I pray that we will recognize these times that Satan is after us and will stop him in his tracks. I pray we turn to God for comfort and strength and never try to go it alone. Christians need to stand strong now more than ever, which means Satan is hard at work.

We just need to remind him he has already been defeated.

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19 thoughts on “Remind Satan He Lost

  1. Amen, and amen!!! The evil one knows the power of a child of God walking in the Light. He will do ANYTHING to distract, discourage and destroy. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for revealing these truths to your precious child in a fresh and meaningful way. Help her to stand strong against the lies, to take every thought captive, and to declare the truth of who she is in Christ – forgiven, redeemed, chosen, and dearly loved.
    Love you Sarah,
    Kamea xxxx

  2. I’m so sorry for what you have been dealing with, Sarah! I can completely relate. He has been attacking me lately too and I’m struggling to break free. Your words here have really helped me, my friend. I so agree how he wants to isolate us. That’s how he gets to me the most. Thanks so much for these much needed reminders!

    1. I am so glad you have been helped! If Satan can get us to feel like we are the only ones struggling with something, he is ahead. Until we know we aren’t alone! Blessings, Candace!

  3. oh girl! Prayers for you now!! You are certainly NOT alone!! A quote I read a couple of weeks back from a Streams in the Desert devotional: “Temptation often comes upon a man with it’s strongest power when he is nearest to God.” The devil knows how threatened he is when we are standing hand in hand with God and he will do anything to put a wrench in that situation! Keep standing on those promises. Keep reaching out to God. He sees you friend! ā™„

  4. I heard this years ago and it has stayed with me — “Every wound has a lie at its core.” I think that is saying pretty much the same thing you said above. The evil forces want to steal truth — that you are deeply loved and held safe in God’s hand. They want to destroy joy and make you think you are worthless. They aim to kill your peace, so that you feel the world is on your shoulders and God is distant. These are all lies. And you are absolutely right, Sarah — the only remedy is to lean on the promises of God. May the Word of God dwell in you richly as you fight the good fight! Love from your dad and me!

  5. I have definitely walked through those times when satan is trying to make me feel unwanted and isolated. So thankful for a God who is bigger than that and for your great reminders! Thanks for sharing your heart. Visiting from Holley’s.

  6. Yes, we do need to remind him that we know he has already been defeated. And the peace of God will crush him under our feet! We need to wear our boots of peace! Trusting in God that He has taken care of all of our needs. We have the victory through Jesus. Thanks for posting this!

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