I wander the mall with its glamour and allure. “Buy me!” yell the pretty springy floaty shirts. “You need me!” call the sporty sunglasses. I paw through the racks, thinking how much better I will look/feel/be if I had this one item. “It’s just one thing,” I try to justify to myself. It wouldn’t be a big deal.**

Yes, it’s just one thing. Seriously, how do I sometimes convince myself that this one item will change my life? It won’t make it better and it won’t solve any problems. If anything, it would create more problems. It could lead me into debt, starting a spiral of need that has no end. That one thing wouldn’t satisfy, so I would need more and more. When would it end?

No, I may not be a shopping spree kind of girl, but I have bought things I placed high expectations on. How can an inanimate object live up to my dreams?

One of Jen Hatmaker’s videos for her 7 study has stuck with me. It is the spending one and she says where your checkbook goes, your heart will follow. When we start using our money for good, our mindset changes. When we give to a child through Compassion, our heart dwells more on them. When we make a micro loan to a family so they can support themselves, our hearts soften toward the hurting. And when we give to a homeless shelter, our hearts remember the forgotten. These are all examples of treasures in heaven, ones that will never be lost of broken.

I may not always make the right spending decisions, but my heart is definitely more opened to the needy. After hearing what Jen said, I thought back to when our family started giving more. It truly is where our hearts are heading now. God is doing that, a dollar at a time. He is making us care more about families in need and kids getting an education. That change may start small, but it doesn’t stay that way.

When I am no longer on this earth, I want the legacy I leave behind to be what I did for others, not the clothes I wore.

**Disclaimer: No items were purchased on this excursion.

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