Mom Hug

Within minutes of each other on Facebook, I saw two posts I consider parent shaming. It made me feel a little guilty and sad. I decided I would like to give the moms in my life a hug and some reassurance.

You are free to use cloth or disposable diapers.

Go ahead and let your baby cry it out or keep them in your bed with you.

Breast feed your baby or give them formula.

Work or stay home. Do what is best for your family.

Spank your child or punish them another way.

Make sure your child only eats organic or don’t.

Have one child or lots of them.

Be a helicopter parent if it brings you joy.

Go on a date night or never let anyone else put your kids to bed.

Volunteer at their school in whatever way you want.

I am not going to judge your style if it is different than mine. I know parenting is hard and I want to support you however I can. I won’t put you down or alienate you just to make my way seem more valid. I don’t want to pile on needless guilt, because you have your hands full. Your full hands are dealing with things that I am not. I refuse to make you feel like there is something wrong with you over simple things.

You love your babies more than life itself. I know that, and more importantly, they know that.

I won’t tell you to enjoy every moment because one day you will miss these days. You don’t need to hear someone say that and add more guilt.

You are going to feel like you are failing your kids at some time or in some way. We all do. I won’t be the outside influence reinforcing that idea. I will instead remind you that you are doing your best with what you have been given.

I choose to lift you up and support you rather than tear you down. I know you tear yourself down enough.

God gave your kids to you for a reason. You are the most equipped to know what they need and what is best for them. Please don’t let someone else take that knowledge from you. Keep going and remember how loved you are. You don’t have to change for some other mother. Be who YOU were created to be. You are awesome!

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8 thoughts on “Mom Hug

  1. yes, yes, yes, yes. i love that you want to use all this social media stuff to encourage and bless and give those sweet virtual hugs.

    where were you 35 years ago when I was raising my girls?

    weekend joys, Sarah!

  2. Love this! So very true. When we can say, “You’re different than me, and we are both good moms.” Oh that is when we have arrived. Right?! Grateful to connect with you!

  3. I appreciate you giving freedom to parent differently. There is way too much “this is the only way” thinking in our society anymore. We are all different, and all created by God and loved by Him. We are called to love and encourage each other, which is just what you are doing. Well done.

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