Embracing God’s Plan for Right Now

Why can’t it be easier to let go and let God? Why do I insist I know the best way? Why do I find it difficult to allow God to work things out?

Well, I am human. I want to see that things are happening. I like progress and pats on the back. I don’t want to be seen as lazy. We are told to work hard from the time we are kids.

You know what? Sometimes the hardest work is doing nothing. When we feel God is saying, “not yet,” restraining ourselves is difficult. It takes effort to pull back and wait for God. When we want something accomplished now, the last thing we want to do is stop. It can take all of our self control.

That’s what God is waiting for sometimes. When I flit from one step of my plan to the next, I am missing out on what God is trying to bless me with right now. When I try to do things in my own strength and time, it will never be enough. I must stop and figure out what God wants.

God tries to get my attention. I get so caught up in what will happen, I forget to enjoy what is happening now. Having a short sighted view is not what God wants for my life. He wants every day to be full.

I need to get to the point where I rely on God to guide me. His ways are always best. I have to learn to let God lead me. I want to wake up in the morning with anticipation of what God is going to do through me and what He is going to teach me. Not what He is going to do a year from now, but today.

We all know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. We want our success to resemble that line. However, I know when I look back, I can see that I wasn’t ready for instant success. I needed the preparation God had for me. I never like the delay at the time, but it is always necessary. I never arrive at my destination until the exact right moment.

I know I could have enjoyed the journey more. I should have appreciated the process, because it is all out of God’s love for me.

That’s what I am going to do this time.

**Disclaimer: I am mainly writing this to myself, but I hope something sticks with you as you read it!

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6 thoughts on “Embracing God’s Plan for Right Now

  1. Your disclaimer made me smile, Sarah. Our best writing reflects something we’re wrestling with, learning about, discovering, huh?

    I hope your weekend is delightful. Peaceful. And fun …

    1. Glad to make you smile, Linda! 🙂
      After days of rain, we are finally getting to the pool this afternoon!
      I hope you have a relaxing weekend with your family.

  2. It’s a message I need to keep hearing, too! I so want a guided map of where God’s taking me – to see where we’re going and where I am on the journey – but that’s not His way… Hard to be patient and wait through the “not yet” and just trust that I’m preparing for the next step in the way He wants. Good luck letting go and enjoying the journey!

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