I Give Up

I need You, God. I forget all too easily that You are in charge and Your timing is way better than mine. I am done worrying about the future because it is in Your hands. I am sorry for the times I get impatient and want results NOW. You want to help people even more than we do, and You will make it happen. You can see the future and I can only see a step in front of me.

You are protecting me when You have me slow down. You calm me down, but I am sorry that has to happen every day. I need to trust Your good, pleasing, and perfect will. I have to stop the occasional faith, the “OK today I believe You, God.” It is all or nothing, either I do or I don’t. I do. I really, really do. Please help me live that out.

I want to rest in You day and night. I need to lay down every fear as it comes. Simply refuse to buy into it and reject it.

I declare that You have called me for a purpose and You are working everything out.

I know You have big plans for me.

You are with me wherever I go, so I have no reason to fear.

You make a way where there seems to be no way.

I know that I can plan all I want, but You will guide my steps.

You are for me, and no one else matters.

I am sorry that my faith can be so tenuous at times that it stretches and seems to disappear. You are a great and mighty God, and that is all I need to know. Things will happen on Your time, and that is how I want it. It will all come together at the right time, and I never want to forget that.

Please help me recognize when the worry and fear crop up. Give me Your eyes to see the truth so I can stand firm in You. Point me in the right direction and remind me You are right there next to me.

I choose You. I choose to follow You all the days of my life, wherever You take me. You are all I need, and I proclaim I am releasing my control and my ways for Your ways.

You will move the mountains in my life. I am getting out of Your way.

Starting now.

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20 thoughts on “I Give Up

  1. Sarah,
    What a heartfelt prayer and one we all need to remind us when we don’t know what he’s doing, to trust him. Waiting for direction or knowing when to move on is sometimes the hardest, but it’s the richest place for us to discover a new side of God and that is always worth it!

  2. Oh Sarah…. I have the very same sentiments… Thanks for putting it in words β™₯ It takes courage to give up. Don’t be discouraged my friend… I always remember the verse that talks about how we are a living sacrifice— and the problem with that being that we can sometimes crawl off the altar…! God’s got us! Thanks for sharing your HEART!! β™₯

  3. Trusting God and His plans is absolutely our goal but its not always easy. I have had to learn to stop worrying so Mich about everything it’s not always easy but it is necessary. This post was right on time for me. I have to stop worrying and always trust God .

  4. Hi Sarah- this is beautiful and spoke to me ! I find declaring Gods words to myself so powerful and helpful- it is one of the reason why I blog -to talk truth to myself!! πŸ™‚ and keep declaring what he said to myself until it is more natural to me than the lies that I have grown up believing! Thanks so much- Blessings and love

  5. What a beautiful prayer of release! And such a gift to others that you would share your heart cries so that those who are in the same place can see that they aren’t alone. I am loving getting to know your heart through your words.

  6. God definitely drew me to these words. Together He and I have been making progress on my worry habit, but the past few days it has started getting hold of me again. Thanks for these words that God has got this; I need to stay out of His way.

  7. He is so good to us! I pray that you are blessed with His peace as you rest in Him. πŸ™‚ I love these lines from your first post: “But when you took the time to go through it, there were beautiful gems to pull out. No matter how we feel about ourselves, we must remember that we are made in Christ’s image.” As we let Him love us, He unearths a beautiful diamond for the world to see! Blessings, Tasha

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