Making Progress

“As I look back on my own life, I recognize this simple truth: The greatest opportunities were the scariest lions. Part of me has wanted to play it safe, but I’ve learned that taking no risks is the greatest risk of all.” (Mark Batterson, who is an amazing author!)

It has been almost 2 years since I helped start our prayer team at church. I was terrified, to say the least. The thought of me starting a group where people pray out loud seemed laughable. Me? I questioned God during the months leading up to our first meeting. There are so many more qualified people who should do this. All I really felt I had going for me was that I was willing. Gulp.

Now, I am not saying praying out loud is easy for me yet. In our group, or in other small groups of people I know, I stutter through what I want to say to God. I don’t really care anymore that I am not smooth and don’t use spiritual words. I have learned that the point of prayer is a conversation with God. He hears our heart, no matter how ridiculous we think we sound.

Earlier this week, I was at a meeting where we lift up a family of missionaries. We talked about some challenges they are facing and then got down to praying. Our leader said he would open us up and asked if I would close our prayer time. I jumped in with “yes.”

In the past I would have formulated what I was going to say ahead of time. I would have worried about how I would sound. I would have really worried about how long to pause before I start. You know how it is, you have to give everyone who wants to pray a chance, but you don’t want that last pause to be too long and awkward. Or maybe that is just me. 🙂

When it was time to pray, I did it. By God’s grace, I am now someone who is willing to pray out loud.

What is God trying to work on in your life? Is there something you have been feeling led to do, but it feels overwhelming? Do you think God must be crazy for asking YOU? Since He is the God of the universe, just assume He knows what is best and do it. It will be scary and exciting. You will be in positions you never thought possible. Once you start, you will wonder why it took you so long.

And you will give God all the glory!

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16 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Those scary lions stop me in my tracks! Thanks for encouraging me to be brave, Sarah! And for stepping out of your comfort zone to pray for others so faithfully.

    I’m grateful …

    A hug for this weekend for ya’, girl!

  2. I appreciate your leadership of the prayer team at NorthStar, Sarah! Keep on facing those lions.

  3. “The greatest opportunities were the scariest lions”. I love your thoughts about the lions and fears lurking in our lives, and yet God whispers to us to follow Him right through them. And, we survive and thrive! God’s path is always the right one, thanks for the reminder!

  4. the point of prayer is a conversation with God <—- YES!!!! love this!! I started praying (out loud!- gasp!) with a friend of mine a few months ago…. LIFE CHANGER!!! ♥♥ Go Sarah go!!!

    1. Praying out loud leaves us so vulnerable and really helps bonds grow strong. When you are pouring your heart out to God and others can hear, it is exhilarating!

  5. “Do you think God must be crazy for asking YOU?” >>> Love the way you put that!
    I heard a speaker say four years ago, “If you tell people your plans and they don’t laugh, they aren’t big enough.” He went on to say that he told God, “This is too big. I can’t do it myself.” He said he heard a still, small voice say, “Good, I can.”

    Love this piece. Needed to hear some of this early this morning!

  6. Praying out loud is a fear so many people face. More than being an encouragement for facing fear, I think this post will encourage others who are just facing that one specifically as well. I believe our relationship with Christ and our discipleship changes as we face this lion head-on. I’m sure it did yours and appreciate your encouragement to the world.
    You go girl!

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