Love is Not Complicated

Why do we make everything complicated? Yeah, don’t act like it is just me who runs around with elaborate plans to do good. To change the world and leave my mark.

My heart and mind are reeling from all the evil in the world right now. So many things happen that make it seem we are in a losing fight. I struggle to wrap my mind around how people can be so murderous and hate filled. Where did we go wrong? Of course we have been going this way since sin entered the world. We have always needed Jesus, but with each passing day it can seem harder to find Him.

The other day I stumbled upon Luke 3. Before Jesus became notorious for turning the world on its head, His cousin John the Baptist warmed up the crowd. God knew we would need someone to prepare hearts for His main act. He poured messages into John and made him look crazy enough to stand out and maybe seem more credible?

Here was John, wearing camel’s hair and eating locusts and wild honey. There was nothing fancy about him. This reclusive and simple man sure stood out to the sociable, rich Jews. People flocked to him, as they obviously longed for a different way of life.

John felt so strongly about people repenting for their sins, he went around preaching about it. In Luke 3, he is talking to the crowd about the coming wrath. He warned the people not just to be spouting that they are Christians but to produce fruit.

I can see the crowd confused now, trying to think of some big scheme and coming up blank. They actually asked him what they should do. I just love John’s answer in verse 11. “Anyone who has two shirts should share with those who have none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”

BAM! Just like that, he shut them up. Don’t you just see the crowd go silent? Huh, that’s so simple, even I can do that. Never thought of it that way.

Two thousand years may have passed, but people are still people. The world is not getting better, but we can counteract the evil that exists. We can feed and clothe people. We can extend kindness and grace. We can reach out to those who are different than us. It is much more simple than we tend to think.

When you feel bogged down by the weight of the world, I urge you to think of one small thing you can do for another living soul and go do it. Each time we do this, light grows brighter and evil is exposed for what it really is.

Go and make John the Baptist proud!

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4 thoughts on “Love is Not Complicated

  1. I see you extending grace and kindness every time you pick up your pen, every time you bow your need to pray, every time you leave a word of encouragement.

    I am grateful that you are in this world we live in, Sarah. And even more so, in my life.


  2. I know – why can’t we just live in love and treat others with respect, even when we don’t agree or like everything about the other? this world needs more love and more Jesus! Love your words today.

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