By Your Side

You tell me when to push on

When to keep trying

And to not give up.

You show me when to pause

When You need to go ahead of me

To work things out for me.

You tell me when to rest

When I am too weary

To accomplish what You have for me.

You always know what is best for me

As You see the whole picture

And I only see the inch around me.

I can’t speed up

Blow past

Ignore You.

You speak in a still small voice

So quiet I must be in tune with You

To hear Your voice.

You nudge me so gently

I can mistake it for something else

Or someone else.

If I am not in sync with You

Every day

I will miss Your best.

I never want to miss what You have for me again.

Lord, help me not get ahead or behind.

Let me stay right by Your side.

Linking with Holley Gerth


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