Tough Love

This past Sunday, we had our middle school pastor preaching. My husband likes his sermons and calls Chris the wildcard. You never know what he is going to say!

Starting in May, we have been studying the life of Moses. At this point, the Israelites have been rescued from the Egyptians and crossed the Red Sea. God has done huge things that are obviously not of their own power. (If I’d seen the sea part, I would have either wet my pants or fainted. Possibly both.) God did these amazing miracles, yet the Israelites are still whining.

We only looked at a small passage this week, but it had a huge impact on me. Exodus 15:22-27 is when they wandered in the desert for 3 days and then came to bitter water. After they complained, God made the water drinkable and then brought them to camp at Elim, with springs and palm trees. If only they would have held their whine to see what God would do.

All of a sudden, Chris spoke loudly for me, (yes, me,) to quit whining. I didn’t get defensive, but sat up straight and nodded. I HAD been whining. My attitude lately had not been good, even though I know God comes through. I have a lot more history of God’s work than the Israelites.

I have no excuse to not trust God, as I have 8000 years of Him coming through. Chris pointed out that these Israelites are like the toddlers of the Bible and were just learning about who God was. They may have had some miracles performed, but they didn’t know if said miracles would continue or what God’s plan were for them.

I know God is for me. He loves me and created me in His image. It is time to act like I believe this.

After church, I felt different, calmer. God spoke to me through Chris and reminded me He’s got this. The things I worry about are tiny, and God will take care of them in His time, not mine.

Is there an area or situation where you need some tough love? I don’t like to yell, but I can.

Quit whining! God can be trusted.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live like Colossians 3, with my heart set on things above instead of earthly matters. I will choose to focus on doing what I can and leaving the rest to God.

No whining required.

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2 thoughts on “Tough Love

  1. Point taken Sarah!! I’ve been struggling with trusting him (and whining a lot too…!) Thanks for such a great reminder that God has such a great track record for taking care of US!! ♥

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