Vacation From Blogging

My family was on vacation last week. We spent many hours on the beach, reading or in the water. We had discussions with my husband’s family and lots of good seafood. The ocean is always my go-to for peace and relaxation and figuring out my place in this world.

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I decided ahead of time that this would be a break from the blogging world. I would not write in mine or read others. Complete break. Of course I was nervous. After writing a few times a week since January 2014, what would happen if I didn’t? Would people lose interest? Or worse, would anyone even notice my absence?

Half way through the week, I realized how badly I had needed a vacation. I brought a notebook with me, in case I got the urge to write. Do you know what happened to it? It stayed in my bag all week. I never once had an idea or urge to pick up my pen.

After a year and a half of non stop writing, I was dry. My poor brain needed to rest and probably had for some time. I tend to push so everyone will know I am busy and pulling my weight. Whose approval should I be seeking, those who are on the fringe of my life or God’s? God knows my heart and my schedule. As long as I am doing what He asks, I am on the right path. (And honestly, do those other people really judge me? Probably not. We are all consumed by our own day to day!)

Now I know the truth: when I feel weary, I should rest. Even when it is from sitting at the computer, I can still be worn out. After a week completely away, I feel recharged and ready to go.

Once I get all the laundry done.


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8 thoughts on “Vacation From Blogging

  1. Absolutely, Sarah! When the creative juices run dry, it’s time for a game change, a little grace shown to ourselves. And guess, what? Your everlovin’ readers are still here! It’s good to have you back.

    Ah yes, the laundry …

    Hugs, friend!

  2. Hi Sarah, I enjoyed reading your post. Taking time to rest and recharge is mentally, physically, and spiritually important. We all can feel tempted to continue working even when we know we need a break. But God rested and we need to as well. 🙂

  3. I so love this post and find it encouraging – my post says almost exactly the same thing except I’m the other side of the break and about to take it …. for a month! It is hard to imagine I need a break – we just keep going until we stop. I take encouragement that once you stop you realised how much you needed it 🙂

  4. Sarah,
    A break from blogging doesn’t seem like a good idea sometimes since we’re in the writing groove, but when we’re away, we’re rejuvenated and it makes for even better blog posts, I think! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach but I’m glad you’re back at the blog! 🙂

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