When You Have Cried Your Eyes Out

My body is so heavy, I fall to the floor.

Tears flow freely and I don’t try to stop them.

Every few minutes, the sobs subside until a fresh wave hits.

Crying can be cathartic, but sometimes it leaves me more tired, with swollen eyes.

Sometimes I don’t feel better at all.

Once I am spent, I go wash my face.

What now? Where do I go from here?

When it feels like You are far from this situation?

When praying and reading Your word didn’t bring comfort?

I find Your creation and sit in it.

I go to people You made to love me: the family and close friends You put in my life.

I do a task to distract myself from the heartache or I read a book.

I soak in all the goodness You placed in my life, for there is a lot.

There will always be terrible days, terrible moments.

But the sun still shines.

Children giggle as they play.

The moon rises full and bright.

Chocolate melts on my tongue.

You taught me long ago there is always good with the bad.

Maybe I have to look for it harder some days.

But it is there, like a shiny penny.

Waiting for me to notice it and pick it up.

To hold onto it and cherish it.

You delight in hidden treasure.

You want me to smile again.

To see the gifts as from You, not as coincidence.

For they are strategically placed for my benefit.

You wait for me to hear a song I need right then.

Or receive a hug from the right person.

I just need to open my eyes and really see.

And if all else fails, there is always a new day coming.

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6 thoughts on “When You Have Cried Your Eyes Out

  1. I love your strategies here, Sarah. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all should relate to those moments when we feel that the Lord isn’t sitting with us in a situation like we want him to. It’s then that we look for him in other ways–like through nature or other people, etc. A beautiful post! “Hidden treasure” in itself.

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