If Only

This weekend, we were discussing time in the car. I was trying to explain how, to God, a day is totally different. For us, a day can seem to take forever. When we were kids, the school year NEVER ENDED. We were NEVER going to be old enough to do the things we wanted.

Now I look back at the years that flew by. Shouldn’t I still be a kid instead of having them myself? I certainly am not old enough to have kids the ages mine are!

Life goes by in the blink of an eye. It is a shame that it takes us so long to realize this. If only we could know then what we know now.

If only I could have just relaxed about the condition of my house when my girls were younger, I would have enjoyed it more.

If only I had realized that they will not always wake up in the middle of the night, I might have grumbled less.

If only I had treasured the days when they were my little buddies, I would have more memories.

If only I had let them get sticky and dirty more often, they would have learned more about the world.

If only I had cuddled with them more when they wanted to, I could have soaked up more of their sweetness.

Right now I am savoring the days and moments they still want to be with me, as I know that will change soon enough.

Each phase brings new challenges as well as fun times, and I want to be able to find the good in each age. I know I want to have a full collection of memories-the good, the bad, and the ugly. Soon enough my girls will be in high school, driving, dating, and then moving out. While they are still with me, I want them to know how loved they are. I need them to remember I am always here for them, no matter what.

Whatever circumstance we are in at the moment, we should savor it. Sometimes the only thing worse than a situation is looking back and seeing the good for the first time. We tend to want to move on to the Next Thing as fast as possible, so we don’t look at all the beauty that surrounds us. We don’t take the time, while we are in this moment, to enjoy this time in our lives.

God doesn’t rush and neither should we.

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6 thoughts on “If Only

  1. Amen! God has been speaking to me– ok maybe shouting a little that I need to live more in the present moment– and more importantly soak in HIS presence at every turn in my day. Thanks for the reminder to savor today Sarah! ♥

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