Raised to Walk in Newness of Life

In my last post, I talked about my Mom because this past Sunday marked 13 years since she went to heaven. When that date rolls around every year, it can be so difficult. I can easily wallow in all the things I wish she were here for. This year was different though.

My oldest, nine-year-old Lauren, was baptized on that date! Every August, our church holds a huge picnic and baptism at the lake, and about 100 people are baptized. We knew Lauren wanted the lake baptism, and God planned it for the 23rd this year. When I found that out, I couldn’t help but smile.

No, Mom wasn’t here for us to see and hear and touch, but her presence was greatly felt. Her legacy will live on and because of Lauren’s decision, she will meet her Mimi one day. I know Mom was up in heaven cheering on her grand daughter.

Over the weekend, our family shared many laughs and fun times. We rejoiced in Lauren’s new life as well as celebrated a few birthdays. It is indeed true that weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

FullSizeRender (25)

While we were eating dinner, Lauren was hoping that our middle school pastor could baptize her. It makes me so happy that, while she won’t be in middle school for two more years, she already feels comfortable with Chris. I am confident that he will help her (and us!) navigate those murky middle school years!

She was thrilled and a little less nervous when it was Chris she waded out to. (It didn’t hurt that the water was warmer than she thought it would be.)

FullSizeRender (26) FullSizeRender (27) FullSizeRender (28) FullSizeRender (29)


My baby girl came up, dripping water, grace, and God’s promises for her future. He has so much in store for her and so many lives will be changed because of her. She already does everything she can to help others, and that will only increase.

I am so thankful for a church that we all love and for a staff who pour themselves into others the way ours does. Even more, I am grateful that God doesn’t let us stand still in our grief. He wants us to move on to all the new and wonderful things He has planned for us, and He draws us out of sadness and into joy. He loves us so deeply that He just can’t stop surprising and delighting us.

God gave us a breathtaking sunset in case we were wondering how He felt about us.

FullSizeRender (30)

People being baptized under a sky like that-it doesn’t get any better.

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8 thoughts on “Raised to Walk in Newness of Life

  1. Oh glory. The days of baptism are among life’s most sacred, joyful wonders! And outdoors makes it just spectacular! Thanks for sharing the photos …

    And I can’t help but think mom was rejoicing with the angels, Sarah …

  2. Sarah,
    What a beautiful photo of you and Lauren! It is so meaningful that the baptism happened on a date that is difficult. God makes something beautiful of our deepest pain, doesn’t he? So glad that Lauren made the decision to let those around her know that she’s a girl who wants to follow God. A reason to celebrate!

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