This Should Be Our Prayer

Psalm 119 is quite a chapter. It is lengthy and full of wisdom. (If I were ambitious, I would memorize it. But I’m not.)

I want my heart to be so pure that I yearn for nothing more than following after God. No matter how many times I screw up, I never want to let myself be fooled into believing there is no hope left for me. I yearn to continue to turn to God to show me the way to go and show me His laws. I want to truly delight in learning about God.

The first verse that really jumped out at me is verse 36. “Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain.” Yikes. If I ever had lots of money, I would want to remember that it means nothing without God. His laws and my relationship with Him always have more value than anything the world could offer. Those things won’t last, but God is eternal. Things I do for others are done for Him, and only they have meaning.

The author of Psalm 119 longed for God to open his eyes so he could see wonderful things in God’s law (verse 18.)

He told God not to let him stray from His commands (verse 10).

He begged God to teach him the way of His decrees, so he could follow them to the end. (verse 33).

For many of us, reading the Bible and praying is done out of obligation and not out of sheer joy. We do it because we are supposed to instead of because we desire to get to know our Creator. God can tell the difference between us phoning it in and actually wanting to deepen our relationship with Him. He honors those who are truly seeking after His heart.

Maybe I don’t always do the right things, but the more I study God’s will and apply it, the more right I do. I definitely don’t have the strength on my own, but when I stick by God and am thrilled by the time I have with Him, I am strong and courageous.

When I ask for understanding and wisdom, God is delighted. He wants nothing more than for me to walk through life by His side. If I ask God to help me meditate on His word, He will do it. If I ask God to direct me on His path, He will take me by the hand. These words may not originally be mine, but God will be happy if I borrow them!

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8 thoughts on “This Should Be Our Prayer

  1. I don’t know why I hesitate or am lazy about spending time with God?? He is always there patiently waiting and inviting me into His glorious presence. When I do enter in I am blessed. Like you I pray that God would keep my heart yearning after Him, His word, and his decrees.

  2. Sarah,
    I just LOVE how when we look for God, he promises that we will find him. He promises to show us the way when we desperately seek him and oh, what a wonderful journey it is (never easy, though!) when we wait on him and truly desire him more than anything! (Hope your new job is going well!)

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