Tell Them

Twice this week, people have told me I am doing great at my new job. That made me feel so good! When we don’t know where we stand, our mind can play tricks on us. “I should have done it this way.” “Why did I do that? I’m so dumb!” Most likely, no one else picks us apart the way we do to ourselves. (If they do, I feel bad for them. Those people must have a sad life.) I think knowing we are doing well frees us up to moving forward as opposed to vacillating or stagnating.

Having this happen made me realize I should do this in my personal life. Maybe my husband knows how much I appreciate him, but maybe he doesn’t. I should tell him how relieved I was when he offered to take our daughter to the doctor if I couldn’t get her in after school. He has really stepped in to help now that I am working. (This is in no way a test to see if he is reading this. Nope.)

I should reinforce the strengths my girls have as well. Telling my youngest how much progress I see in her reading will give her needed encouragement. Sharing her joy and excitement over how “easy peasy” math problems are to her would make us both happy and deepen our bond. Showing her how much I love her silliness is something she needs.

With my oldest, I want to tell her how her compassionate heart is amazing and inspires me to want to do more. Watching her read brings me great joy. The fact that she pays attention to everything her dad and grandpa teach her during tennis and golf lessons astonishes me. For both girls, I love hearing how good they were for other people. I should tell them how proud they make me every day.

Maybe my family knows how I feel, but I can’t assume that. They are wonderful people given to me. I cherish them and tell them I love them, but I want to start being more specific in my praise. We all want to know where we stand and what we are doing right, not just wrong. How often do we tell someone- in great detail- what they just did wrong? How about letting them know the moments we are proud, joyful, and inspired by them? If we want them to do it again, we should tell them how much we appreciate it and love having them in our lives.

Who in your life could use specific praise? If you don’t tell them, they may never know.

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