Give Until It Feels Good

Spending used to be different in this house. Sure, we tithed and gave a little extra, but there was no burning desire to help people other than ourselves. We didn’t have a passion for hungry children or the mamas who couldn’t provide for them. God had to ignite that in us and then fan the flame into existence.

It wasn’t overnight.

We started by spending less on ourselves and giving a little more. We picked a child to sponsor in Africa. We became a little more free with our offering at church. Little by little, our money had less and less control over our family. Y’all, when that happens, it is the most exciting thing!

When your kids get into the idea of giving someone else their money, others are inspired. When you see a need and joyfully hand someone a five dollar bill, the person is blessed. When you know you already have what that person needs and give it to them without thinking, you may be changing their life.

When your life looks different, people notice.

Once you get on a roll, it becomes easier to keep giving. You know how good it is going to feel and how that little amount or that item or that service can change someone’s life. You begin to realize how much better it is to give and help someone than to buy something for yourself that you don’t need.

There is an expression, “give until it hurts.”  It sounds good, but that is a terrible way to think! We should give of what God has given us happily, because that is what we are here for. Thinking of giving in a negative, painful way only makes it worse. We should think of it in a positive way, such as, “Look at what I get to give! I have more than I need and want to bless someone else.” Framing it as “getting to” instead of “should” emphasizes the great power God has given us to use wisely.

Our family has been so blessed by giving more this past year! I wrote a book about our experiences with this, called Intentional Spending: Spending Less So Others Have More, and it is available on Amazon. Two dollars from every sale go to our church, NorthStar Church in GA. If you are feeling led to look at giving in a different way, I hope reading it will inspire you. If not, maybe you should buy it as a gift for someone you know who should give more. 😉

Giving may not come easily or naturally, but the rewards that come from it are so incredible, you will wonder why you didn’t start this sooner!

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12 thoughts on “Give Until It Feels Good

  1. Sarah,
    I’m with you — I never liked the phrase, give until it hurts, either! It’s so discouraging, isn’t it? Seeing what a difference giving can make — especially in our own hearts — is reason enough to think about ways to give (and not always monetary). I just love it that you’re showing your girls how to give and think like Jesus did!

    1. Yeah, it never sounded right. Why do I want to hurt?
      Knowing how much peace comes into our hearts is all the blessing and reward we really need.
      Thanks for your sweet words, as always, Valerie!

  2. Giving is a great adventure that can change your perspective completely! I appreciate you writing about your adventure so that others can catch the vision!

  3. Sarah, I love your story … keep on sharing it. You are marching to the beat of a different drummer and the call you’re putting out there is a timely, urgent one.

    Hugs to you, girl.

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