More Like My Dog

Dogs are amazing creatures who think their family hung the moon. They aren’t fickle but are consistently loving. Doesn’t that sound like someone you want to be like?

We got a sweet puppy 5 years ago, and he still acts like one. He is beautiful, so he can get away with being as dumb as he is. 🙂

Back when we got a boy dog – so my husband didn’t have to be the only male in the house – we named him Champ. Champ is a Cocker Spaniel mixed with King Charles Cavalier. He is great with our girls.

I have been thinking about how he really behaves the way I should. Moving into a house with two little girls (ages one and a half and almost four) was a big adventure for the little guy! Here is what I have learned from him.


Dogs are infinitely more patient than I am. Champ has worn many costumes, beads, birthday hats and other clothing not appropriate for dogs. Yet he loves us the same as if we left him in his birthday suit. He doesn’t growl or get angry if something doesn’t make him happy. (He DOES whine, but I won’t get into that!)

birthdaychampprincesschampDogs do everything enthusiastically. Want to color me blue? SURE! I should sleep in a doll bed? WHY NOT! You want to go play in cold white stuff I have never seen? BRING IT! I swear, that dog’s tail has never stopped wagging.


Dogs never give up on those they love. In fact, when I am in a bad mood, Champ seems to know it and sticks with me even more. He doesn’t think there is no hope for me or get angry back. He just loves me.

Dogs are there when you need them. Champ may get scared when he hears a loud noise, but he doesn’t run and hide. He stays in the room with me where he can see me. (Even when I am pushing around that awful loud vacuum. In case it decides to eat me, he will step in and defend me I am sure.)


Champ may not be perfect. (Like I said, he gets away with being dumb by being so darn cute.) But he certainly models a loyal, gentle, and trustworthy spirit that I want to have. If we all aimed to just love others even when they are unlovable, the world would be a better place.

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6 thoughts on “More Like My Dog

  1. Love this! I have one dog beside me and the other at my feet right now. They have endured some crazy dress up outfits as well :). Mrs. Claus and the reindeer was probably their least favorite. Great words of wisdom here: “If we all aimed to just love others even when they are unlovable, the world would be a better place.” Thanks for that important and incredibly true reminder!

  2. Greetings to Champ from our incorrigible St. Bernard, Tucker. He has all the characteristics that frustrate me to no end, but he is WAAAAY ahead of me in the doling out of unconditional love every day! Blessings!

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