Walls of Jasper


When events like the blood moon happen, it makes me wonder what heaven is like. If there are things that incredible to see on earth, how much more amazing is heaven going to be?

It is easy to be focused on our earthly lives while we live them, but we can’t get caught up. We can’t fall for the lies – lies that this is all there is, that we can’t make a difference, and that God is not love. We have to keep our eyes on the prize, even though we have no memories of that prize.

One way I remind myself to live for heaven comes from a verse in Revelation. Revelation 21:18 says, “The wall was made of jasper, and the city of pure gold, as clear as glass.” No, I cannot imagine what that sight must be. My brain cannot comprehend the beauty yet. But one thing I did is bought pieces of jasper to keep around the house. The physical sight and feel of it helps me remember life is not about me, not about this moment. There is a whole eternity ahead of me and one day everything that happens will make sense. (Or maybe they won’t, but I won’t care.)

Some of the jasper I bought went to my girls. I explained that the walls in heaven are made of this beautiful red stone (we like our gems.) I gave them each a piece so they have a piece of heaven here on earth. I pray that one day, if they are thinking of doing something they know not to do, they will see that and make the right choice. I don’t know the impact that rock will have on their lives, but God does.

Seeing a piece of jasper on my kitchen windowsill while I wash dishes brings me gratitude. All I have and all the love I am given washes over me. I think of how I have come a long way and how so many others have so far to come. They may feel helpless and hopeless, but I may be here to encourage them and show them the way. I yearn for heaven and need to live for it. I am here to steward the resources God has given me while I am here. My time, talents, and money should be spent showing God’s love.

How do we keep ourselves focused on heaven while living on earth? We do everything we can for the helpless and hopeless. We become Jesus’ hands and feet while serving. We cry with the hurting and laugh with the ones who need a friend. We listen and encourage. We use healing words over hateful ones. Day by day, we shine like the light we are created to be as we get closer to the day we see Jesus face to face.

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8 thoughts on “Walls of Jasper

  1. What a beautiful idea … and a very much needed prompt to fix our eyes on things above, not on what’s going on right in front of us here on earth.

    What a heavenly perspective, girl. And I love that you’re sharing your learnings with your daughters. Good mama …

  2. Love the idea of having something tangible to remind us where our focus should be. What a lovely gift for your daughters.

  3. Sarah,
    A piece of heaven on earth in the tangible piece of jasper — LOVE that! It is almost unbelievable to imagine that all we worry about and stew over on this earth may suddenly become far less important when we consider what’s in store for us. Love these thoughts and the tangible things we can do to remind us of what God has for us — not only today but for eternity!

    1. I hate to think of all the time and energy wasted over useless worrying.
      Not that I don’t get upset now, but I do love the visual reminder, not only of heaven, but of God’s unending love.

  4. Reading this, I realized I’ve never read Revelation in full. Thanks for the inspiration and introduction, Sarah :)! I absolutely love how you gave that to your daughters and told them “they have a piece of heaven here on earth.” What an amazing and beautiful gift!

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