You Have Today


Enjoy today like it’s your last

For it very well may be.

Tell your family how much you love them

As soon as the thought comes into your mind.

Don’t wait for a situation to change

But go out and make change happen.

Do something today

That will make your world better.

Don’t think something is too big or small

But do either with great pride.

You are here for a reason

Right here and right now.

People need your smile

More than you know.

Don’t hold back how you feel

Unless it will cause unnecessary pain.

This day, this moment, is a gift

So make the most of it.

Look for the good in everyone,

Including yourself.

Be kinder than you feel

And love with all you have.

Act brave and strong

So you will be brave and strong.

Tomorrow it may be over

But you always have today.

Not everyone gets this option

So honor them with your choices.

Linking with Holley Gerth


8 thoughts on “You Have Today

  1. I don’t want to be morbid today but I checked statistics out and found that 150,000 people die every day. And your beautiful poem shows us how to make each day count for the very best in life. I’m going to celebrate today while it is here !!!!!

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