When You Need a Miracle

Hope. It can be elusive sometimes, can’t it? When the world seems too evil. When someone stops speaking to their family and breaks their hearts. When sickness infects the wrong person. When we feel lost in our own life.

You know, I am finding relief and hope in a place that is surprising to many. When a situation is out of my control, I know the One who does control it. Putting my trust in Jesus infuses my heart with hope. I am able to go on and not just function but thrive. I don’t want to live my life stumbling around or fearing the next bad thing happening. I want to boldly believe for a miracle.

Yes, a miracle.

A miracle happens when a situation that is out of our control comes together in a glorious way. When our human efforts are not enough yet healing occurs. A family is healed. A heart is healed. A body is healed. These things happen at just the right time, and something that seemed impossible just became possible.

We think we are in control, at least partly. Really, our greatest efforts may mean nothing or just may not be enough. I am learning that I can’t do it all, and that is a good thing. My own strength is pure weakness. Even if I could do something in my own power, I don’t have the wisdom to always know if it is the right thing to do.

When we get out of the way and give God room, we see supernatural results. Admitting we don’t know the future is freeing. We take those expectations off ourselves and put them where they belong: on the God who created us and loves us enough to give us what we need.

If you are in need of a miracle right now, just remember that God knows. He sees you and knows just what you need. At the perfect time, He will make things happen.

When God works it all out, He gets all the glory and more people are infused with hope. Wait for His timing, and a miracle will happen.

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6 thoughts on “When You Need a Miracle

  1. Thank you. I so believe and do need a miracle in the family and am hopeful . Yes, our God is the same God of yesterday, the one who walked on water, calmed the sea, parted the sea, healed the crippled, blind, dumb and the deaf,just by a word, just by a touch, even raised the dead…He’s still the same and He reigns.

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