Only One You

Do you wonder about the impact you are having on the world, or if you have one at all? You aren’t alone. Everyone faces the fear that they don’t matter, but they do.

You were created to be one of a kind. There is no one exactly like you. There never has been and never will be. You have quirks and strengths and weaknesses that all work together. They make you stand out and shine. Please don’t think your presence doesn’t make a difference, because it does.

You also have had experiences no one else has had. All of the range – joy, sorrow, anger, confusion, contentment – all of those emotions make your experiences leave a mark on your memories. You can instantly go back to that day and relive it. Please don’t believe the lie that none of this matters, because it does. Because of your experiences, YOU are just who someone will need when they go through a similar experience. You may be the only one who can understand what they are going through. Don’t minimize that!

You are surrounded by certain people right now. They are here for a reason, as are you. None of your personality traits or experiences are wasted. They come together and shape who you are now. The people around you have been shaped too and you are here to affect each other. Maybe you need them or maybe they need you.

So many times, you change a person’s life and don’t know it. They may tell you but they may not. Don’t assume you don’t have a place in this world because you do.

Be you. Love others the way you do best. Help others the way you are wired. Show them how important they are to you and remember you are needed.

There is only one you.

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8 thoughts on “Only One You

  1. Amen girl! β™₯ My cousin was reading a book to her baby girls a couple of weeks ago that was saying something very similar– it was so sweet : ) I think it was “On the Night that You Were Born”. I think we all need to hear this no matter how old we are β™₯

  2. Sarah,
    What a cornucopia (how do you like my nod to Thanksgiving?!) of truth you have offered us in this post! So many of us think if we just disappeared that no one would miss us — or worse, even notice. But yes, every story matters because no one can replace YOU. The talents God has gifted us with are so unique and there’s so much to learn and admire in every person our lives touch! (And I’m part of your book page fan club! :))

  3. Sarah, such Truth here…there’s an old hymn that goes, “Thank you, for giving to the Lord…” so many people we come in contact with each day are either positively or negatively affected by us…oh, that we could see the eternal significance of just the small things we do for Christ…many blessings to you!

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