Peel the Onion

In my last post, I talked about how no one was created like you. You are unique and here for a reason. Today, I want to talk about purpose.

Recently I have been having lots of good talks with my 9 year old, who has always been more like a 30 year old. A friend of ours has been very sick and my Lauren has cried with me. We talk about heaven and and my Mom and grandparents up there.

This Sunday in church, we heard an incredible story about a man and his wife and the impact they had on a young man. The video is incredible and worth watching here. That afternoon, Lauren wanted to talk. She asked about purpose and what mine is. Hard to put into words, isn’t it? I told her part of my purpose is raising her and her sister. Another part is the desire to give more to help other people. Writing my book. After thinking about it, I realized the giving part had been there but wasn’t really activated until recently.

That is the amazing part of life. We keep figuring out and learning new things about ourselves along the way. My sweet girl is decades ahead of most of us with all she has discovered about herself, but she will keep learning and growing. I told her that each of us have the same mission, but we do it in different ways. We are here to help others, but that looks different from person to person. She is coloring pictures (a talented artist) to sell and having lemonade stands to help others. I am using words to encourage people to give. Both methods accomplish the same goal.

While we are on this earth, we will be constantly peeling back layers of ourselves to reveal hidden treasures. We are onions and the layers will keep coming off until the day we die. Some talents will emerge and others will be strengthened. Some will only be used briefly while others will keep coming into play.

If you haven’t felt this in your life, take heart. Not all of us will begin our purpose in the first decade of life (most won’t.) Keep living your life knowing great things are coming. Your gifts and talents are there waiting to be discovered and used at the right time.

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