We Adore You

Many years (and one kid) ago, back when James and I were in a finance class, I had an experience that sticks with me to this day. Every week for 12 weeks, we filled in our work book and learned a verse at home. It was challenging and rewarding. This study marks when we first started tithing on everything and when we first began talking opening about money. Scary stuff.

But what I remember best was the verse 1 Chronicles 29:11-12. My little brother was having financial problems and I met with our leader (our Pastor of Stewardship). I laid it all out for the poor man in all my manic sisterly worry. In my mind, I had to figure out how to fix it for my brother. Poor Jamie told me two things: 1. to talk to his wife and 2. that the verses we were learning were ones to remember in this situation.

1 Chronicles 29:11-12: Everything in the heavens and earth is yours, O Lord, and this is Your kingdom. We adore You as being in control of everything. Riches and honor come from You alone, and You are the Ruler of all mankind; Your hand controls power and might, and it is at Your discretion that men are made great and given strength.

I had lunch with Jamie’s wife, Kelley, (which began our friendship) and laminated the verses. We were learning them as they relate to money, and yes, we went around the room and said them out loud individually. Talk about pressure! After memorizing them, I began to apply these to all of my life. I had to learn to lay down my pride and humbly ask for God’s help.

Everything truly is God’s and I adore Him for that. The world is a crazy, unpredictable place, but when I choose to worship God, the manic, hysterical side of me fades away. What is left is peace. I know God is taking care of us and that means I trust Him with our lives.

Do you trust God? Are there situations where you run around trying to fix them and instead just end up wearing yourself out? Or do you worry about what is going on in the world and lose sleep over it? God wants you to remember He’s got this. Instead of worrying, focus on how much you adore God and let the peace settle over you.


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4 thoughts on “We Adore You

  1. Oh, this truth, Sarah … what a comfort –>’Everything truly is God’s and I adore Him for that.’

    It takes the pressure off to control things, fix others, and worry, fret and fear.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Hugs, friend …

  2. Sarah,
    What truth this is — when we choose to worship God, peace in the midst of our hectic troubles washes over our souls. It’s so interesting that when we give God access to all areas of our lives, we can see the work he does with our finances and every other area!

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