Who We Are Made To Be

Over the weekend, I told the girls about what happened in Paris. The 7 year old wasn’t too affected by it and pretty much went on her merry way. I hope she stays that way for years. The 9 year old was a different story, and I knew that going in. Through her tears, she told me she was glad I told her before someone at school did.

Early in the week, Lauren asked me if the king had been killed. I told her no, but he had been at one of the events. Her mind was trying to process what happened.

Wednesday night at bedtime, I could tell she was upset. I asked her why, and she mouthed “Paris.” We got her sister to bed and then went to talk in her room. We talked through her sadness. Big fat tears kept rolling down her face. I talked to her about how she should look for the good people in these situations and focus on them. She nodded. I told her (again) that she is going to do big things one day with her huge heart. She always nods when I say that. I explained that it is hard being so sensitive, but it is what is going to make a difference.

Then I told Lauren the story of when I was in high school and a good friend lied and really let me down. It hurt so bad. My Dad told me my trusting nature is one of the best things about me. It makes me who I am. The next day, my Mom told me I am too trusting. The truth was never lost on me: the big things in our lives that are the best parts of us may also cause us lots of pain. Sure, I am often let down, but I see the best in people. I give them chances.

Lauren will grow up sensitive to pain and she will cry and be heartbroken more than others. I know that feeling well. But it will be what shapes her, pushes her, and defines her. All the feelings will be worth it.

After we talked, I prayed. I prayed more about protecting Lauren’s heart and giving her peace than anything else. Then she prayed. Through her tears, her sweet voice prayed for Paris. And she said, ” Thank You for giving us more good than bad.” The words and moment were so profound, I finally let loose the tears I had been holding back.

God is good. There is bad in the world, but God is bigger. And He is the good we need. Let’s focus on Him and who He made us to be.


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6 thoughts on “Who We Are Made To Be

  1. Oh Sarah, the children, the children …

    And all I could think the other evening was the song we’ve sung a million and a half times …
    ‘Jesus loves the little children.
    All the children of the world.
    Red and yellow, black and white,
    They are precious in His sight.
    Jesus loves the little children of the world.’

    Lord, have mercy …

  2. Sarah- i just loved this post it made me tear up and spoke to my heart – You had beautiful words to your daughter-and it is wonderful how you see and value her tender heart- Being one with similar heart your words encouraged me too and were what I needed to hear. Thank you! with love

  3. Yes, yes, yes, Sarah! Love this. God is definitely bigger than all the bad in our world. What wonderful advice you gave your daughter about looking for good in these situations. May we all do a better job at that!

    1. It is definitely easier to get bogged down by the bad, but it is so much better to see the good that God put in people. The world is going to scare and disappoint us, but God won’t!

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