What is Prosperity?

“And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved.” Psalm 30:6

Isn’t that just like us? We are high on a mountain where we can see the world. It seems like everything is at our fingertips. We look around at God’s creation-the creation He made for us. It is great and we are going to love God forever. Nothing will ever make us doubt God or feel far from Him.

Until it does.

Let’s face it: life is like the rest of Psalm 3o: a roller coaster. We are up and down so fast, our heads spin. One minute everything is falling into place and the next it is falling apart. We think we have it all figured out and that nothing will shake us. I like the way one translation says verse 7: “Then, Lord, You turned Your face away from me and cut off Your river of blessings.” Poor God. One day we are praising Him and telling Him how much we love Him. The next day we complain that took back His blessings. We don’t stay in joy long, do we?

This sounds an awful lot like children. (Not mine of course. They are always happy with me.) As soon as something doesn’t go their way and the road gets bumpy, they turn on their parents. Talk turns from “You’re the best!” to “This is your fault!” It’s enough to give a parent whiplash.

One of my life goals is to get to a point where I can say, “I have God, so nothing will shake me.” I want to always remember that God is by my side. The times I feel alone, it might be that I turned away. It is never that God left me. When times are good and life is smooth sailing, I want to praise God. When things look bleak and the future unclear, I want to praise God. He alone is worthy of that praise. It will take an effort on my part and a concentration on Jesus.

Life is always going to change so it is all the more important to dig deep and spread my roots wide in Jesus. Storms of life won’t sway me when I am firmly planted in Him.

When we consider ourselves prosperous, what do we mean by that? Are we only prosperous when we have financial security? When we have more than we need physically? I think prosperity begins and ends with Jesus. Without Him we have no future and no hope. With Him we have eternal life. The chasm between those two is literally life and death.

Do you think of yourself as prosperous?

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2 thoughts on “What is Prosperity?

  1. Just one more reason I love the Psalms so. We see our lives in black and white, and no matter where we are on the journey, there is one more cause to praise!

    Thanks, Sarah …

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