Your Kind of Success

Sometimes, lately, there are areas of my life that I want to give up on. They aren’t coming together the way I hoped they would, (which I don’t really even know what that would mean.) If it can’t happen right now, why should I bother?

Well, God honors hard work. Sure, some people have instant success, viral videos, bestselling books, or the ability to sell to everyone they talk to. Those people are out there and are the ones we seem to hear about most. They go straight to the top, making it look easy. You know who we don’t hear about? The ones who keep trying. The ones who keep plugging away, even though it isn’t easy and doesn’t always feel like it’s working. They know this is what they are supposed to be doing, so they know it is worth it.

Success will come to all of us if we keep working, but it may look different than we thought it would. Maybe it is at a different level than we anticipated. Maybe the area we started aiming for got turned a bit and now we are shooting for a slightly different goal. Some aspects may have changed completely, but the end is still the same. And, most important, maybe our audience is not what we were hoping for. It can seem to crush us when all that hard work feels wasted. Who cares about all of that hard work, if only a few people see it or buy from us?

But, the thing is, none of it is wasted. No experience, introduction, mistake, complete failure, or tweak is wasted. Sometimes it helps to make us who we are and to strive to do better in the future. Sometimes it launches us into an area we would never have considered. Other times it steels our resolve to do better in the future. None of this has to lead to defeat.

The only thing that can lead us to defeat is our brain. We are only DONE when we believe it. But if we know we have a purpose and work toward it, we will keep pushing and growing. When we do this, the work will be honored and we will succeed.

Never assume you are failing if you aren’t quite as far as you wanted to be. Success comes in all different shapes and sizes. Keep doing what you are doing and show the world YOUR type of success.

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4 thoughts on “Your Kind of Success

  1. Good point, Sarah. One person’s definition of success is most likely vastly different from the next. Even as believers, we’ll have different perspectives. And that’s all good when we’re making it our goal to please Him.

    Thanks for this encouragement …

  2. “God honors hard work.” Well said. Yes, He does. Super awesome encouragement! I said this one other time this week… That not everyone is built to be visible. Success is simply in answering God’s call with the will to work. I believe if we do that in faith, He will illuminate what success looks like along our particular path.
    Happy Wednesday!!!!

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