Hit the Deck

One of the things I picture when I think of my Grandma is her praying on her knees every night. She was this little old lady who never used that as an excuse not to get on her knees. It was work for her to get up and down, but it was worth it to her. She was faithful.

Every so often in my own life, I thought to emulate Grandma. I would pray on my knees occasionally or for a period of time and then stop. The novelty would wear off and laziness would settle in. “I can say the same prayers from in my bed,” would be my thought. Last year I started for real, and I pray this is a life long habit. Oh sure, for the first few months, there were nights I forgot and climbed out of the warm bed. (Rolled is more like it.)

There is nothing that connects us to God quite like praying on our knees. When we lower ourselves into a humble position, it shows God that we are 1.) serious about our requests and 2.) serious about hearing from Him. It is one thing to be in the middle of something else and send up a quick prayer. There is nothing wrong with those types of prayers, but we also need times of more substance and a deeper connection.

When we are on our knees, it shows God that we are willing to put in an effort. Our time with Him matters. When I am on my knees in my dark and quiet bedroom, there is less distracting me. (Yeah, I can still distract myself, but it is much less.) By doing our best to make this time about a one on one conversation, our prayer life will grow. We will be more in tune with God’s heart and hear from Him easier.

The humble, vulnerable pose of praying on knees is our signal to God that we mean business. Enough of the shallow relationship or the one sided “requests” we made in the past. This time is about giving our burdens to God as well as finding His will on matters. That can only happen in quiet stillness.

One thing I notice with praying on my knees is the discomfort it causes. We tend to shy away from everything that isn’t comfortable, but we shouldn’t. There is something that happens when I feel the ground beneath my knees. The soreness (and sometimes rug burn) that begins keep me in the moment. It is very different than when I am in bed, laying down, warm and drifting off to sleep. My prayers have more impact on my heart and life and my focus stays sharp.

Want to change up your routines? Want to shake up your life and get closer to God? Try praying on your knees every night. Your knees won’t thank you, but your heart will!

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3 thoughts on “Hit the Deck

  1. Tremendous post! I had to repost in my personal page! It is very true every sentence that you mentioned here! Something powerful happens when we bow down on our knees because it is a sign of surrender. It is my favorite worship pose! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!
      We really don’t have control, so why pretend we do? We should lay it down and get to know God’s heart. I appreciate your comment so much 🙂

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