Save Your Finances with Gratitude

What is keeping us from spending less money? Our gratitude is low! It is all too easy to see a nicer version of something we have, (talking to you, iPhone 6,) and wishing we had it. We choose to look at what we want and not at what we have. It is crucial to change our focus to all the ways we are blessed.

How do we do that?

Start a gratitude jar. Think of all you have and write each item on slips of paper. Put the paper in the jar and take one out when you need a boost of thankfulness. Any time you think of something else, add it to the jar. Person, place, thing or idea: it all serves a purpose and has a place in your jar.

Keep a reverse gratitude journal. There are always thing you can be happy about, but what about the ones you see as bad? What about when life throws you a curve and you don’t know how you are going to handle it? Write it down with the date. I bet when you go back and look, you will see the good that came from it and possibly understand why it happened. This could monumentally change the way you see life!

Play the letter game. This is great as a family activity or by yourself. List all the things you are grateful for that all start with the same letter. We started a Youtube channel and just did a video talking about this. (Hopefully our videos will get better and longer with practice!) It is fun to go around and say things and play off each other.

When life gets overwhelming and you feel like everyone around you has more or better stuff than you, take a step back and breathe. Close your eyes and lean back if you can. Take back your gratitude. Without it, your joy is diminished and that is no way to live. Think about the present. Where you are and what surrounds you. The smells, the sounds, the feel of what is around you. If you are outside, is there a breeze? If you are at home, is something being cooked? Focus on being completely there and let everything else go, if only just for a minute.

Think about what you want and ask yourself questions. Will this make your life better? Will you be happier? Does this item enhance your relationships? Would owning this help others? We need to remember what really matters and focus on making those areas better. Our heart. Our family. Our faith. Others. The rest will not be important for longer than a minute, but these areas have eternal significance.

How do YOU keep your gratitude tank full?

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2 thoughts on “Save Your Finances with Gratitude

  1. Well hello my neighbor at Holley’s today! 🙂 I’m laughing at what you want — iPhone 6 — ummm – -it’s really great and you’d love it! 🙂 But I’m with you on being grateful for what we already have and asking if we really need it – -and most times the answer is we already have all we need, isn’t it?! xo

    1. Yes we have what we need and more! I just wish we didn’t get blinded by the shiny new things and could more clearly see how good we have it.
      Nice chatting with you, neighbor! 🙂

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