To My Girls

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My sweet girls, you are growing up so fast. It is time for you to start making your own friends. You have always played with anyone who is around, but now you have interests and goals you did not have before. Now is the time for creating lasting friendships.

You are being raised with certain values and I hope you find other girls who also have those values. You can sharpen each other and hold each other accountable. Trust me, I know there will be a friend along the way who doesn’t. Please don’t shy away from this girl but don’t go along with everything she does either. Stay strong and be the friend she can count on and go to when she needs advice. Remember all you have learned and share with her. She may not have strong role models in her life.

The friends you make now will influence who you become as an adult. That may sound scary or exaggerated, but it is true. In the next few years, you will begin to pull away from me and rely more on your friends’ opinions. This is how growing up works. As you work toward independence, your friends will be doing the same thing. You will think they know more about you than I do. Therefore, it is important to choose friends now who will help you move in the right direction and make good choices.

Right now, I want to keep you young. You will always be my babies, even as you grow and push against me. You can always come to me, but I want you to also have at least one friend you can go to when you need to talk. I want you to have friends who build you up and make you feel good about yourself but will also be honest when you need to hear something. You are heading to some years that will have amazing highs and devastating lows. Find friends who will ride that out with you.

A great friend will celebrate with you and cry with you, (sometimes in the same conversation. We are girls, after all.) She will become one of the most important people in your world. Choose her wisely.

Finally, be the kind of friend you want her to be. Listen to her and tell her what she needs to hear and not just what she wants to hear. Laugh with her and cry with her. Be kind and compassionate and push her to be her best.

You girls will be amazing adults, and I know you will choose the right friends to help you grow into all you were created to be!

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6 thoughts on “To My Girls

  1. Sarah, this is just beautiful. I’ve thought and felt many of these same things, and even more so now as my girls are looking to start middle school and high school next year. I love the photo, too!

  2. Awww I loved this. Friendships are so important I have a boy so it’s a bit different (I don’t know that boys need the interaction as much as we do) but I keep reminding my younger half sisters all the same.

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