You Are Cherished

God delights in you. Did you know that? You please, charm, enchant, captivate, and thrill Him. (Why, yes, I do have a thesaurus. What makes you ask?)

The Creator of the universe knows you intimately. He is in charge of everything, but He takes the time to see you. You who feel you don’t matter as well as those who think they matter too much. Ahem. He knows what you are going to do even before you do. And that thing you just did that you knew you would regret? Yeah, that. He may not be thrilled by your choice, but that didn’t make Him love you less.

God’s love for you does not wax and wane like people’s love. It is eternal and constant and unchanging. There is nothing you can do that will make Him love you more. On a bad day, there is nothing you can do to diminish His love.

The love God has for you is like the air you breathe. You can kick up a windstorm because you are feeling unworthy. It is still there. You can breathe air in and out fast, but it is still in you, giving you life. You can try to displace it with water because you are angry with God and you want Him as far away as possible. But He is still there, just on the other side of the water. If you look closely, you can see Him there, patiently waiting. The air gets hot and cold and you feel it. Those are like the times in life you need that reminder of His presence.

Do you feel cherished right now? If not, it is because you are relying too much on people or circumstances to provide that feeling. People are human and live in a fallen world. Nothing on earth will ever make you feel completely loved all the time. You have good days or moments, but those pass. They are essentially useless without the love of God flowing through you. You can’t see Him, but He has never left your side. No one on earth has that distinction, so let those opinions go. The only opinion that matters is the one of Him who delights in you. Bask in that knowledge and smile!

Psalm 18:19 He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me.

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5 thoughts on “You Are Cherished

  1. Wow Sarah this goes right along with every passage God lead me to read this morning… Genesis 16…Jeremiah 17:5….1 Peter 2:9…Proverbs 30:5…Admittedly I’ve been struggling with trust–maybe more specifically trusting in the wrong things/people to bring me security and love… marriage is hard but God keeps leading me back to him. Every word HE says is true and I do feel cherished right now. Thank you friend ♥

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