The M Word

Money. I know, I said it. Someone had to break the awkward silence.

Last week, I was asked if I would help other people with their finances. Me. I laughed and laughed. My book is about us learning to give more, but that doesn’t mean I know the first thing about money. Once I learned this was a serious request and that maybe God is calling me to this, (and stopped laughing,) I decided to push past my fears and do it.

Yeah, Satan sure doesn’t like us moving forward and especially not helping people. Something bad happened once I decided to go for it, and I heard a voice ask, “What makes you think you can help others with money?” I had fallen for his trap! When something had gone wrong, I was pulled back in time and couldn’t stop thinking about the past.

I have always had what I would call “money anxiety.” Since we started tithing years ago, it has gone down, but it is always there lurking. In my book, there is a title aptly called, “This is Not About Tithing.” For us, tithing was a good place to start, but we realized two years ago that it should never be the end. Giving ten percent back is a wonderful way to get our feet wet, but we are here to give more than ten percent of ourselves. In this chapter I said, “No one wants to talk about money. We talk around it or about the issues it creates, but not about how we should treat it.” These words have come back to me this week in a new way, and I want to keep facing the money issue head on. Until we do, we are letting money control us and not the other way around.

Once I realized Satan was trying to reel me back in with an old lie, I was able to move forward and remember this is not the end of my story. I mentioned above that I am prone to money anxiety. You know what keeps that at bay? Giving even more. When we kept money for ourselves, it gave us the illusion that we were in control of our money and therefore our lives. Giving money away is our way of acknowledging everything is in God’s hands. When we keep giving, it reminds us to keep the focus on Him and His will.

In the end, I was able to silence the voice in my head.

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