Stop Relying on the Church

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday (for those of you living under a rock.) Our family went to church in the morning and did nothing to be the church after it. We left church in the building, even after a wonderful service.

But I saw a post on Facebook that afternoon that reminded me (again) of why I love our church. A group from NorthStar took wings and subs to ten local fire stations. What an awesome way to love on people! These men and women are risking their lives for us and they couldn’t be with their families for the big game. I hope this showed them how much they are appreciated.

Our church has a group that brings coffee to chemo patients every month. Knowing how cold chemo makes them, it must be a nice treat to have a hot drink. Just imagine how much fear is taken out of someone’s mind when this is done for them. Every year we also collect fuzzy socks for chemo patients of all ages. These are small things done with great love and that love is certainly felt.

All year long, NorthStar members help the community and people around the world. There are numerous ways to get involved on a weekly or monthly basis. It is amazing to see the bigger events come together. (I have helped tie notes on all the fuzzy socks and to stuff the hundreds of backpacks with school supplies for foster kids. It is always both fun and humbling.) We love doing these things, hoping people will find their way home.

Honestly though, why is it up to the church to orchestrate these kinds of things? You know, we are all capable of reaching out to those in need of some love. We don’t have to wait until someone thinks of an idea and implements it. Or until we are invited to help. We can do things with our families or form our own groups.

There is a great need for us to be the church outside the four walls of the building we meet in for an hour a week. People need our kindness. They don’t need our lectures or judgment. They need tangible proof that they are seen and heard. Any of us can see an opportunity and seize it. We can help our neighbor or a stranger as well as anyone else can.

As wonderful as it is when churches get involved, we must also go out on our own and show love. Sitting back and waiting for the next person to come along may mean no one helps. Go out and show some kindness to someone this week. You may just change their life!

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8 thoughts on “Stop Relying on the Church

  1. Amen to this: “Sitting back and waiting for the next person to come along may mean no one helps.” I do that far too often. My family and I are looking for ways to serve our local community. I feel like I spend more time researching than actually doing. Thank you for this inspiration to just get out and help someone!

  2. Thanks for this gentle nudge to get out there and be the church-with-skin-on, Sarah. The opportunities are as vast in number as the stars in the sky and as individual as He’s created us to be. Now … to close our screens and go share His love with others …

  3. Sarah,
    It’s so easy to forget how to do small, simple things for others in the busyness of our own schedules, isn’t it? Opportunities abound if we keep our eyes open to them but then we have to act — and I guess that’s the harder part! It’s so good to be a part of doing good, like the church you’re involved in!

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