My Social Media Plea

For a day now, thoughts have been swirling around my brain. Hopefully I can piece them together coherently here. I had something else ready for today but felt this was more important. So here goes. Hopefully I won’t lose any friends.

I am a Christian who drinks alcohol. No one who knows me has ever seemed to judge me, but man, when you look at social media, there sure are a lot of judgy Christians bashing each other. One woman even commented that you can’t mix beer and being a Christian. What? Where does this come from? Why do we feel the need to tear other Christians down?

The Bible talks about alcohol, but people throw that around on both sides. “Jesus drank wine, so I can too!” (Everyone did then as the water quality was poor. It was not the same strength as today.) “In Proverbs it warns against drinking!” (Uhh have you seen all the warnings in Proverbs? Especially in regard to finances?)

My point in all of this is that God gave us all this thing called discernment. We are to use our own discretion. I have friends who don’t drink because they have addiction in their family or have abused it in the past. Some just know they wouldn’t be able to control themselves. I have so much respect for these friends and don’t drink around them. They don’t need me tripping them up.

The problem is people take their opinions to social media and slaughter everyone who doesn’t agree with them. It isn’t just seen by fellow believers though. Non Christians are reading too. They are looking for a reason to believe. They want to see what we are like and how we are different. They are searching for goodness and mercy. Instead they often see us judging each other. We mercilessly devour others and then stand there acting holier than thou.

Maybe you are reading this and thinking it doesn’t apply to you because you don’t have a problem with Christians drinking or aren’t on social media. Really, though, this does affect us all. Have you ever judged someone for eating too much, thinking they can’t control themselves? Or maybe you have seen someone ask for money, but you assume they just want a handout and aren’t willing to work. And don’t get me started on how we judge other parents….But none of us know what someone is going through and what is in their heart. We aren’t God.

We can all twist the Bible into what we want the words to mean. We can all be legalistic and notice when someone else isn’t checking off all the rules we think they should live by. Let’s do our best to stop this nonsense. The important thing is to not turn people away from a relationship with God. Our words and actions should show people about our loving God and not repel them.

Bottom line is that we shouldn’t be saying things on social media that we wouldn’t say to someone’s face. If we say we are Christians, how about we act like Christ. Pour out love and leave the condemnation out of the conversation. Be kind and not judgmental. If we are discussing something on Facebook, let’s remember it isn’t just other Christians reading it. Someone is searching and may need conviction, but not from us. Let’s leave that in the right Hands.

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2 thoughts on “My Social Media Plea

  1. Hi Sarah, totally agree with. We need to be be careful how we display ourselves on social media because people are looking at our lives and if we’re not reflecting a Godly character then we’re doing God a disservice. Plus, there are too many people out there hiding behind their picture and saying mean things they would never dare say in person! Social media – lots of great things it offers but there’s also a downside. Happy to have found you today at Holley’s place.

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