Love Letter to My Flip Flops

Dearest Flip Flops,

I know you have been in hiding for too long now, and I hope to remedy the situation soon. You mean so much to me, and I refuse to lose you!

Yes, I can sometimes take you out and parade you for all to see during a break in these cold days. Those brief encounters do nothing but make me long for the days of sun and warmth.  The days where I don’t have to put you back in the end. You deserve to be treated like the jewels you are.

One day soon I hope to be able to slip you on and run out the door. Whether I am going to the park, to run errands, or out to eat, you fit my simple life. Never forget that perfect fit!

I hope you are doing well and have not missed me too much. Soon we will be together for many months. (Hooray for the south!) Where we go won’t matter as long as we are together.

In the meantime, don’t forget the good times we have shared. The laughter and the tripping. You are worth every stubbed toe and so much more.



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4 thoughts on “Love Letter to My Flip Flops

  1. My poor flip flops…I don’t think they’ll last another season. ha. Yours are so cute! So I bought a new pair last night! Not sure we’re friends yet…may take awhile before I can wear them enough to find out. But I do look forward to warm days too!!!

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