God’s Voice

When you think about God’s voice, what does it sound like to you? Is it big and booming, telling you “no” all the time? Does it whisper so quiet, you have to be still to hear it? Or is it a feeling of peace? I think all of these are correct at different stages of our lives.

If you are stuck at the loud part, keep going. Never stop trying to do what is right. You will attain it if you don’t give up. All of those no’s are preparing and sharpening you for what lies ahead. If you feel like God is always angry with you, know those are just your feelings. When you make bad choices, God is there to correct you in love. You may be putting human emotions on God, but He is bigger than all of that. He wants to help straighten your path, so let Him.

When God has to get our attention, sometimes it is by taking something out of our lives or by allowing something to happen. He knows we haven’t been giving Him attention and has a message for us. His message is that He loves us and wants to be our friend. Not just a father, but a brother. He has to reign us in, and that must be hard to do. There is so much noise in the world that we forget to turn down or off. So God gets quiet. He speaks when we are listening. How difficult it must be to wait patiently!

The third scenario is one I am always working toward. It requires that we have been committed and in the Bible. We have to be focused on what God wants above all. We need to listen for His still, small voice, and that definitely takes practice. I believe that God’s voice becomes our peace. When He is flowing through us, we will more or less know when something is right or wrong. We will feel much more than think.

My problem is each time I start to reach the third level, I get distracted and fall back. I just have to remember this life is a process and I am never going to get it all right. When I get pulled back, I just have to keep moving forward. Day by day, step by step. My ultimate goal is to be so in tune with God that people have a hard time seeing where I end and He begins.

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6 thoughts on “God’s Voice

  1. yes, yes. sometimes it’s three steps forward, two steps back. but always, pressing on to all He has for us to be. thanks, Sarah. this was a gentle reminder this afternoon …

  2. I have heard His voice in all of those ways as well, Sarah. I can so relate. This is such truth: “We have to be focused on what God wants above all.” I get distracted from this too, but it really does make life better if we can hold that focus :).

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