You’re Already Amazing


Every time I read a book by Holley Gerth, she makes me feel like I can do whatever is next. (The first one I read led to the creation of this blog. So, thanks Holley!) She is like a trusted friend I can’t wait to have coffee with. Her warmth and genuine love for us readers comes across and immediately makes me feel comfortable.

This time, I really can have coffee with her!

I am thrilled to have received a copy of Holley’s new LifeGrowth guide for You’re Already Amazing, as I had read her book of the same title. The guide officially releases March 1. I love to read Holley’s books and take a few notes, but this book takes it to a whole new level.

The book and guide navigate us through things that can be difficult for us women. We think that focusing on ourselves is going to make us shallow or narcissistic. We don’t look at it as the truth:  God put strengths in us to help others and point them to Him. Holley asks us what our skills are and pushes us past the excuse of “I am not good at anything” that so many of us have perfected. Holley also has us look at who we feel drawn to. What group of people do we think we can make a difference with? (By the way, this is all in session one of six! I don’t want to get ahead so I can do the whole study with friends.)

The other day, I popped in the DVD portion and watched session one. I loved being able to see and hear Holley and feel her warmth emanating from the screen. It was so great after reading many words from her! When it was over and I really let it sink in that God created me just right, I called my girls in for hot chocolate. With marshmallows, of course! We talked about school and what classes they like most. I asked if they know how special they are. My almost ten year old looked at me incredulously. “All parents say that.” I told her that’s because it is true. We are all created unique.

Friends, the feeling that we are normal and unspecial starts so young. We forget to live with our purpose in mind and we forget that we are here for a reason. This conversation reminded me that I need to live like a loved and purposeful child of God and never let my girls forget that they are too.

And so are you!

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