Tale of a Mule

Yep, I’m a donkey. And not a funny donkey side kick. More like a stubborn mule who plants her feet where it is comfortable while chewing on grass. Nothing is getting this girl out of her comfort zone!

Psalm 32 tells us that God will teach us the way we should go, watch over us, and guide us. The very next verse is verse 9 and says, “Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.” Ouch – the truth hurts. Anyone else hear that and picture God behind the mule, pushing it from the rump, but the creature won’t budge? It is a rather comical thought that makes me giggle.

Really though, the verse makes me sad when I think about it seriously. God has all these great things out there for me, but how many do I miss out on because I am stubborn? Not trusting God is at the root, but I should know better by now. When He leads me down a path that is unfamiliar, I should be excited (or at the very least, not dreading it so much.) He wants me to bless others and be blessed as well, but I don’t always allow that.

So, there I am, the mule with no understanding. I am clueless and have to be led around. How sad. Is Jesus there in front of me, luring me another step forward with a carrot? “Just a little bit forward. That’s it. Good girl.” That is unacceptable to think that God’s great creation (me!) won’t listen and trust her Master. I don’t want to diminish all God has done in and around my life and say, “Well, this time is different. He won’t come through.” HE ALWAYS COMES THROUGH!

No matter what. God has my best interest at heart. He wants to use me. This time, I will take off the bridle and follow Him without trepidation.

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