12 Ways to Tell If You Are a Nice Person

You Might Be a Nice Person if:

  1. You make your meanest face and the intended target laughs.
  2. You can’t say mean things about someone else. Instead, you say things like, “They really are nice” or “They just have a different personality than me.”
  3. Your logic in not saying mean things is that you don’t want to be the reason someone else doesn’t like that person.
  4. People laugh at your niceness and at some point you started laughing too. It’s not like you are going to change.
  5. People teased you growing up that they wanted to see you with your kids one day. Then they mimicked you scolding said kids in a sing-song voice, “You better not do that again.” You sometimes wish they could see you now when you DO yell at your children.
  6. You admire people who speak the truth bluntly. You sometimes wish you were more like them.
  7. You thought being nice equals being boring as a child.
  8. You have fewer regrets than some because who regrets saying nice things?
  9. Sometimes you think of the perfect response hours later, but be honest. You wouldn’t have said it anyways.
  10. A friend says, “You don’t not like anyone!” You feel guilty so you start defending the person. This goes back to number 3.
  11. Smiling is a reflex for you and your childhood nickname might have been Smiley.
  12. You are happy with who you are, because this is how you were made. Celebrate it!

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6 thoughts on “12 Ways to Tell If You Are a Nice Person

  1. you’re a nice person, for sure, friend.

    and it sounds like you’re raising nice persons, too.

    it just doesn’t get better than that, does it …

    except for this … He is Risen Indeed!

    blessings to you, to your sweet family!

  2. I love this – funny to feel guilty about being a nice person – ha! it will rub off on those cherubs even as they chuckle at your memory. xx pointedly true too about having fewer regrets. I could use fewer regrets…

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