The Author and Perfecter

Who brings the wind to my face when I need a reminder that I’m not alone? And makes it gentle yet noticeable? You, O Lord.

Who will never leave my side, even when I push? And who will pull me closer? You, O Lord.

Who gives me all I need to sustain me? And even gives me more than I need sometimes? You, O Lord.

Who has never lied or broken a promise? And knows that I will? You, O Lord.

Whose love is deeper than the oceans and taller than the mountains? And pours that love out on me? You, O Lord.

Who created me perfectly yet has to watch me not appreciate who I am? And gives me chance after chance? You, O Lord.

Who gave me people to love like You do? And people who love me back? You, O Lord.

Who set a beautiful world in motion all around me? And keeps it going day after day? You, O Lord.

Who gives me endless possibilities? And a sky full of stars to remind me of potential and vast glory? You, O Lord.

Who keeps me going when all seems lost? And infuses me with hope and strength? You, O Lord.

It is You who does all these things and so much more.

You came to earth to show me how to love.

You came to earth to show me how to live.

You came to earth and died so I wouldn’t have to.

You are humble yet all powerful.

You are beautiful yet modest.

You are kind and merciful when others aren’t.

Thank You for each new day as they are full of promise.

I wait here for You with great expectation.



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