Turn the Tide of Greed

There’s more to life than what we’re living. It’s not all about how much we have, but about how much we are willing to give. These ideas beat at my subconscious. I can’t get away. I may be able to make it through the day when I ignore them, but those aren’t days worth living.

My family has what we need, but do we even really want it all? No. That is evident by the toys left in the corner or the DVD’s unwatched in a drawer. We keep pulling away from the commercialism that threatens to consume us, but its force is a daily one. Some days it is so subtle we don’t think we feel it. We don’t hear it in our ungrateful tone of voice.

We have worked on this coming up on two years now, and some days it feels like there has been no progress made. We want more. We don’t appreciate more. It is a vicious cycle that has to be dealt with constantly. Just like life, this fight goes to the bitter end. Consumption is an ugly battle that is waged on us always. If we are not aware, we will ultimately lose. That is it.

Want to know the good news? As long as we fight it, we are winning! As long as we stay aware of its presence, we can get ahead of it. No, greed does not take a day off, so we can’t either. It is easy to slack off or coast through life thinking we defeated the giant, but it creeps back in when we least expect it.

There really is more to life and we need to start living it. The worthwhile things in life are done for other people, not ourselves. They do not happen on their own and we do not just start to put others first. It takes a tender heart and a plan.

We need to consistently put others first. Day in and day out, this idea has to be bombarding us as much as greed if we want to turn the tide.

This week is our spring break, so check back Friday to see our new family plan. We are going to keep up the fight against greed and selfishness, one day at a time. It will take awareness and intention, for none of us can afford to be anything less than intentional.

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2 thoughts on “Turn the Tide of Greed

  1. As a big fan of powerful questions, I love what you’ve raised here, Sarah … ‘do we even really want it all?’

    No, we do not. And that’s more than ok. It turns out to be a blessing!

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