Enough Already

We are blessed. We know it, but do we always act like we know it? Sadly, no. We tend to take our lives for granted and get lost in a sea of what others have that we want. Call it the human condition or sin nature or whatever you want. I call it devastating.

This week I decided it isn’t enough for our money to be going to help other people. Our hearts and minds have got to be more invested if we want to turn things around.

Our family is going to do three things each week to stay on top of this greed issue. The first idea I got from Kristen Welch in her new book, Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. There are so many helpful tips and encouraging words in this book! Now, I know that we are fortunate to have a pantry that always contains food. I am pretty sure my girls know this too, but we too easily forget. So, one night a week, we are going to eat rice and beans like so many in the world do. I started it this week and used the recipe Kristen included. All but little Kaitlyn really liked it. She can just eat rice if she really wants to. I know we will get tired of this, but that is when we will remember that we have the choice.


The second thing we will be doing is a service project for MUST Ministries. I love that they are local and one day the girls will be old enough that we can go volunteer as a family. There are two things we can do to help-one is to decorate paper bags for lunches. The other is to roll up plastic forks and spoons in napkins for meals served there. They use more than 200 forks and spoons and 70 lunch bags every day, so this will be a big help. My plan is to do one of these each week and bring the girls in when I deliver them.


The last thing has been ongoing, but slacking. Our Food for the Poor project was begun last year as a way for Lauren to help others. She has been relying on me selling makeup too much and needs to be more hands on. So, one day a week they will be earning money for it. This week they picked up 594 pine cones for me, and I donated $15. In a few weeks, we will have another lemonade stand.


The FFTP project is very important to us and need to stay at the front of our minds. People ask me when I will go on a mission trip, but I don’t want to come home changed to a family that hasn’t. My prayer is still to raise the funds to build a school for Food for the Poor. Raising around $50,000 will take much more effort, so we are in training mode now. When that school is funded and built, I want all four of us to go see it. I want us to truly understand how good we have it.

It is one thing to have compassion, but without doing anything to help others, that compassion is empty. We have known that, but we haven’t been intentional enough lately. The great thing is that we can just jump in and help now. It is never too late!

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14 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. I love that you teach your girls to be actively compassionate in this entitled world we live in, Sarah. Truly there is so much we take for granted. I have a nephew who works for Children of the Promise. He said after living in Haitian culture, it’s shocking how materialistic we have become in the United States. Blessings and hugs!

  2. Volunteering with our kids is truly the best way to nourish gratitude in my opinion. It looks like you are doing a fantastic job with this, Sarah. I’ve been really wanting to read that book too. I’ve heard great things about it. Thanks for the reminder :).

  3. Wow – I love how you’re raising those girls. What a great way to start them, building hearts full of compassion and giving. Reminds me I need to be doing more with mine…

    1. My husband said he had been nervous about rice and beans, but they were good. πŸ™‚
      Full disclosure: this week on the night I was going to make them, he asked where I wanted to go eat. Chick-Fil-A sounded better. Work in progress! πŸ™‚

  4. This is beautiful, Sarah. I love that you’ve chosen three tangible ways to up your compassion. I’ve found that having a set of goals like that really helps me stick with things too. You speak truth: “We are blessed. We know it, but do we always act like we know it?” I’m convicted.

  5. Thank you for inspiring me. I’ve been thinking about reading that book. I need to. All of these ideas are wonderful. I have thought so many times that it is our cultural that has time to be ungrateful. We drown in it because all of our needs our now met and so we long for more. I’ve been overseas before and seen true gratitude and joy spread wide on faces that have nothing. It’s amazing that living comfortably many times leads us to soul discomfort. Thank you for these ideas and way to go big!

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