Just to See You Smile

During Spring Break a few weeks ago, the girls and I cleaned their rooms. (We know how to have a good time. Who needs the beach?) Of course, things could be heard, like, “I’ve been looking for that!”

While cleaning Kaitlyn’s room, Lauren found a compact that Grandma brought her from Canada a few years ago. Kaitlyn became sad because she suddenly realized she wanted one. Do either one need portable mirrors? No, but you know how it is when someone else has one.

The next day, I was so excited when I saw the sparkly, jeweled compact I had gotten from our makeup company. Kaitlyn will love it! I called her down and asked if she wanted it. She did indeed love and want it but still looked kind of confused. Poor child went and got a dollar to pay me. She couldn’t understand why I would give her such a treasure.

It took me a while to convince her that the compact was hers free and clear. It is a gift because I love her. She doesn’t have to pay me or clean her room. I expect nothing in return.

Nothing in return. That is a hard concept to grasp at any age.

Maybe this is just me, but when something good happens, I think I will have to pay for it. I make the assumption that God wants something from me. In reality, sometimes He just wants to see me smile.

God is love struck. He woos me. He pursues me. He shows me how much He cares, but I seldom pay attention. How much am I missing because I don’t just accept the gift? I try to figure out what I am going to have to do to earn it or deserve it. If I take it graciously, I can enjoy it all the more.

This applies to all of life. Of course, Jesus gave me the ultimate gift of life when He died for me, but there are gifts every day. A job fell in my lap last year. I have recently seen one child start to love to read and the other one learn to ride her bike. Not much can bring more joy to a parent than seeing their children love life. I still get hugs and kisses willingly from them. I adore spending evenings on the deck with the man I love. These are all gifts that I don’t owe God for. I am not expected to scrape up some amount that would be big to me but piddly to God. He does things because bringing me joy gives Him joy.

Just to see me smile.

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