You Don’t Have to Read This

Can I be honest?

I have been struggling lately. The issues have all been in my head, so those around me weren’t aware. When I felt prompted to write about this, I said no. I really don’t want to air this. I don’t want to look petty or whiny, so I hope you don’t take it that way.

The night I had my moment of clarity and subsequent prompt to write about it, I said, “I will if You help me remember tomorrow.” You know those brilliant thoughts you have as you are about to go to sleep? The ones you have to write down or else they will be gone in the morning? Yeah, I was hoping this would be like that….

Here goes. My distress is due to the fact that most of my family and friends have not bought my book. Lame reason, I know. When I became “an author,” I thought those close to me would be as happy as I was and run to Amazon to order a copy. I mean, someone they know wrote a book! Turns out, I am one of the only people who feel that way.

That’s OK. It has to be.

Look, I know other people don’t want to read a book about spending less. And they certainly don’t want to feel guilty if they aren’t giving much. So they probably think reading this would be uncomfortable. Hey, I didn’t care if they read it. I just wanted them to buy it because I wrote it. My sister, who is very big on not spending money, was reminding me that the topic isn’t for everyone.

Trust me. I know.

I also know this is common among other people. Many people write books that their families don’t read. Hearing that should have made me feel better, but honestly it didn’t. I tried to push away from sadness so I didn’t head over to bitterness. My family loves me. I know that. They are proud of me.

Well, the other night, as I was praying about it again, God spoke to me. He told me not to push my experiences on them. I had had this day of awakening almost two years ago, and I wouldn’t want to take that from anyone. I wouldn’t want to push them to decide to give more if they weren’t ready for it. Timing isn’t up to me. We are all in different situations and serve different needs. My aha moments are not the same as anybody’s.

I am choosing to accept that.

Why do I feel led to share this? Why should I put out there that I have felt like a failure, or, worse, look like I am begging? I am starting to feel like this applies to more than my meager sales. I know I can’t control anyone but me. I can’t tell people who to vote for or what to believe. I can’t force my husband to think like I do or my kids to say what I want. I can only do what I do and pray for the rest.

The same applies to you.

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6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Read This

  1. Dear Sarah …. this just might be one of the bravest posts I’ve read, anywhere. You’re so courageous, girl. And I have to say that your experience has been one of several things that have stopped me from even beginning down the path toward writing a book.

    How I admire you for putting this on the table. I don’t think it’s ‘lame’ at all. Because as sure as I’m sitting here, I just know that your words mirror what countless others have experienced. You’re just more willing to share where you’re coming from …

    Meanwhile, may God comfort you in those hurting places.


    1. Thank you, Linda. Your words are always so kind! 🙂
      Writing a book was not something I saw myself doing, but I put it out there hoping to inspire. I just have to keep remembering it isn’t about me and not take it personally.

  2. Sarah,
    I agree that your post was brave and honest. Your book is quite good, but the topic is hard. Also, God’s timing seldom lines up with our personal agendas. So, who knows where God will take this in time? You were faithful in following the adventure of learning how to live more simply and then in capturing your experience in a book. Now the next steps are up to Him.

  3. It’s normal. I’ve found many times the people closest or we would most desire to support us don’t. And sometimes we don’t. We know them and we don’t take their dreams seriously too. Maybe it’s because we have a hard time believing in ourselves too! So often people we connect with in our adventure or leaps of
    Faith aren’t our “people”. Later they see the value. But we almost have to let them see our merit. When this happens to me i think I don’t want to have a critical spirit
    To people. Especially because I know them. I want to step out and see this light of
    Them. Not just my familiar one I see them in. I hope u see a family members positivity soon!!

    1. Thanks Somer! I do see them positively and know they support me in other ways, but the disappointment is there. I have been surprised by some of the people who did buy my book though. You really can never tell! 🙂

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