Pause Before Doing Damage

Our words are our most damaging weapons. Physical wounds will heal, but self esteem can stay damaged permanently. Instead of tearing others down, let’s build each other up.

None of us realize what our words are doing. They fly out of our mouths so fast, and then we move on, sometimes to the next victim. This may not always involve saying mean things about the person we are with, but gossip as well. When we gossip, aren’t we just wondering when the person we are gossiping with is going to talk about us this way? When did we become so mean?

I propose a ban. A ban on gossip. A ban on unkind words. A ban on hate. Let’s pause more and think about what was going to come out of our mouth. If it was unkind or paints anyone in an unflattering light, let’s keep those thoughts to ourselves.

Not only should we keep the negativity to ourselves, let’s unleash the good! If it is a compliment, by all means, share it. If it is something good about someone else, let ‘er rip!

It is time we become aware of our words and the eternal impact they have. We can all look back and remember what someone said to us. The good things, the compliments, they can completely be blocked by the bad. I say we blow away the ugly and replace it with beauty. Can we unblock the mind with only a flood of love? I think so. If we are kind to others, we may start a chain of kindness and respect. We can make their day just by being thoughtful and seeing them with eyes of love.

Is this easy? Nope. We are so ingrained to tear each other down that it will take lots of effort to turn around. I think starting by saying one nice thing a day to those we are closest to will really help. Sincerely complimenting them or telling them what they mean to us will go a long way and leave both with a warm feeling. If we can start by being kind to those we love most, we can then carry it out to the rest of the world.

After starting to write this, I have really been thinking before I speak. It isn’t that the words were ugly, but they weren’t necessary. It is definitely an eye opening experience!

Imagine what the world would be like if we learned to think before we speak and filter the ideas in our heads. We would all feel more loved and appreciated. We would feel less stressed and more peace. If we cut out the mean, unnecessary words, we could even save lives.

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2 thoughts on “Pause Before Doing Damage

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Oh if only I could harness all those words I wish I could take back! But I’m learning to applaud my tiny steps forward when I actually do think before I speak and succeed in not speaking at all or only kind words (that I probably don’t feel!) but I heartily agree with your words here, friend!

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