Rip Off That Band-Aid

So, we are all supposed to tithe 10% to our church, right? Well, I figured I would give you advice if you aren’t doing that. Just start this week. It won’t suddenly get easier in a few months or years. There won’t be some magical day that you think you have all the money you need. Today is the day.

Rip off that Band-Aid.

Calculate what 10% of your income is and write a check for that amount. Don’t second guess or tell yourself you won’t have enough. The tithe is supposed to be the first money, not whatever is left. We are to give our best to God, not the dregs. He will sustain us, but we have to depend on Him and let Him. It will be scary but also freeing. Giving God His due and then letting Him take over is essential to our growth.

Plus it is fun watching God provide in ways we didn’t expect.

In the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I had two low paying jobs. Then the first baby came and there was even less money. We gave some when we had extra, but it was never the full 10%. Then when we took a class through Crown Financial Ministries, we knew we had to pay off debt and start fully tithing. Diving into that was terrifying at first. But guess what? We didn’t lose our house. Our power stayed on. There was food on the table. Little by little, our hearts began to open to what God could really do. We felt the loss of money only slightly. Somehow there was always enough!

Listen, God doesn’t need our money. He could turn a rock into a one hundred dollar bill if He wanted. (I wouldn’t complain if You did that, God.) He could actually make money fall from the sky or grow on trees too. Tithing is for us and our hearts. We have to make God our first priority and hand Him the reins. Once we give God the control, it is on.

A few years after we began fully tithing, a good friend needed to be encouraged to do the same. She told me how she couldn’t put the check in the basket and had her husband do it instead. The process was hard for her at first, but it got easier. She had to see that God was going to take care of her family and she had to let Him. I love that I got to experience this and then help her through it.

If you are reading this and already tithe, great! The same concept applies to giving above and beyond tithing. If you have been wanting to give more but are worried you won’t have enough, just do it. Whether to your church or a charity you feel passionate about, there is no greater feeling than blessing others.

We all know we are here to do good and help those in need, and giving is a tangible way to do that. If you are not there yet on tithing or giving more, pray about it. God will get you there. Let Him give you a hand with that Band-Aid.

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